Depending on the time of year, Byron Bay Holiday Accommodation can be quite difficult to find. For those of you who don't know, Byron Bay is a town in the state of New South Wales – that's in Australia mind you – and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country next to Sydney (also in New South Wales – nice state). The thing about tourist attractions is that they tend to be quite busy, and this can detract from the beauty of the place – but not if you're smart about it.

A couple of decades ago, Byron Bay was a sleepy coastal town off the Pacific Highway that no one but locals and hardcore surfers knew about let alone visited. It's different these days, and the roads into the town can get quite busy at key times. So booking Byron Bay Holiday Accommodation is also getting more difficult – but again, if you're smart, it's not that bad.

When to travel to Byron Bay – and when not to

This really is the key factor to finding holiday accommodation in Byron Bay. If you're travelling around the Christmas and New Year period – forget it unless your wallet bulges at the seams or your credit card is indestructible. Same thing with Easter – no way – unless you book a year in advance and have tickets to the awesome East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, always a popular event with great international acts. Try to avoid school holidays too if you can, as Byron Bay holiday accommodation fills up quite quickly, to try to avoid the busier times. Your best bet is to travel to Byron Bay in February and March, because the school holidays are over, and the weather is fantastic.

Byron Bay

Finding Byron Bay Holiday Accommodation

Sometimes this can be a challenge – but as with all things, supreme organisation, luck, or creativity will help out. There are a number of caravan parks in Byron Bay itself, as well as neighbouring towns such as Lennox Head and Suffolk Park – so if you're looking to pitch a tent or park a campervan that will be perfect. If you're more of a ritzy traveler there are plenty of hotels catering for all star preferences, or if you'd like to get a few people together and hire a house for a week – go right ahead. Many locals actually pack up and leave town when holiday season arrives, and rent out their homes to visitors – so if that interests you, make a call to a local real estate agent and ask what is available. Of course you could do what a lot of backpackers do and sleep in their cars, but why put yourself (and your back) out? Finding Byron Bay holiday accommodation is not always easy, but when you do, the visit is well worth it – the most beautiful part of Australia. Enjoy!