Ceramic tile has long been used in bathroom and kitchen remodels. It's combination of durability and good looks makes it a great choice for a variety of home improvement projects. However, the cost of this material can quickly mount if you don't work to find cheap ceramic tile. Here are some tips to keep the costs down while still getting the tile you need.

Find Broken Tile

If you like the look of mosaic ceramic tile, you can get your tile for free. Many surplus stores and home improvement stores will give away the broken tiles they receive for free. Just ask if they have a place where they keep this tile and if you can take it off their hands. Many times, the answer will be yes. You can also put out wanted ads on Craigslist and Freecycle. People who are doing kitchen and bathroom remodels often have broken tiles that they will happily give away if you will just come and pick it up.

Check Clearance

Do you have a small project that you are needing to do? Check the clearance section of the surplus and home improvement stores in the area. You can often find ceramic tile for as little as $.20 a piece in these sections, but the quantities are generally small so do not count on this area for large tile projects.

Use Discounts

Sales, discounts and store credit cards are all great ways to get deals at stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. These stores regularly put their flooring on sale and offer coupons of up to 20%. In addition, you can use their store credit card and save another 10% or so. Try to wait for these sales and other incentives to come out before you buy because the savings can be significant.

Avoid Printed Tile

Ceramic tile that has been printed to look like slate and other natural stone has become popular recently. However, this tile is much more expensive than traditional ceramic tile. Instead, choose a standard tile in a neutral color and choose a flat finish. This will give a similar look to natural stone without spending extra.

New ceramic tile does not have to be expensive. Take these simple tips and use them when you start shopping for your new tile. Keeping your ceramic tile costs down is a great way to get the look you want and still have money to do other things around you home.