Cheap Dorm Room Furniture: A Fearsome First

If you're off to college for the first time, there are probably several hundred things going through your mind, and the last thing you want to worry about is how you're going to furnish your dorm room on a budget that is supposed to take care of a million other needs. Fear not, because someone's been there before you and thought the same thing, and then went on to get a college degree and set up a shop that catered to such a need. Cheap dorm room furniture is now a fairly common sight on campuses worldwide.

cheap dorm room furniture

Cheap Dorm Room Furniture: Spaced Out

The first thing you need to do is to see what kind of space you have – most dorm rooms don't have the kind of space that will accommodate a four-poster bed with all the trimmings. And if you're thinking of all the cool stuff that you'd like to have, as opposed to all the things that you will actually need, you'll probably need a room that's at least as big as one of your lecture halls. So you need to think small, efficient, and most of all – cheap. The good thing is, you have tons of options that'll make your job that much easier.

How To Find Cheap Dorm Room Furniture: The Free Way

Even if the budget you've allocated for your dorm furniture starts and ends with a zero, don't lost hope. There are still ways to get decent furniture, even if it's not exactly as cool as a having Chippendale chair or a Vividus mattress. The easiest way is to check with the seniors if they're planning on leaving any furniture behind. It's a perfectly normal tradition and, besides, they'll have some pretty interesting stories to tell. Another way is to get it from the 'on-the-curb' store. People leave some pretty good furniture out there, and if you're the first to get your hands on it, it's yours for free. The next way of getting free stuff is really going to blow your mind. You'll never guess what it is…have you guessed yet…ok I'll tell you….it's…'s…wait for it…wait…wait…..The Attic. Yeah, right on. If you're lucky, you can find some really neat old furniture that's back in fashion. Or not, depending on how cool your parents and grandparents thought they were, back in the day. Still, it gives you choices.

How To Find Cheap Dorm Room Furniture: Cash And Carry

If, however, you do have a few bucks to splurge and would rather not bust it on beer, there are several places where you can go to get great deals. Thrift stores like Goodwill normally have a modest stock of used furniture. Of course, you want to make sure that anything you buy is thoroughly checked for bedbugs, termites and other pets you'd rather not keep. If you've got a big friend on the football team, you can confidently walk into IKEA and buy the heaviest piece of furniture they have. Of course, you may also need a friend who's a rocketry and aerospace major to put it together for you unless you really don't mind having a table that suddenly tips over to a 22 degree angle every time someone sneezes. Another option would be to eBay or Craigslist your requirement and see what pops up. They usually have great auctions or one-day deals and it could just be your lucky day. And then there's the old yard and garage sale route that you could use. Most of these options can help set you up with some great furniture for as little as $200. Not bad for a roomful of stuff that you're going to be using for the next few years.