You've probably been told like I have that "you get what you pay for". You and I both know its inherently true, and yet when it comes to hiring people why is it that I always want to find the cheapest, fastest, and best service possible? Human nature I guess?

One area that I definitely have learned my lesson was with hiring a moving company. I've moved a lot in my life. You name it, I've lived in it at one, condos, homes, and more. For many years (before marriage and kids) it would only take one or two trips in my friends pickup truck and I'd be all done. As I got older and as I accumulated more and more "stuff", it wasn't so convenient anymore to do a complete home move in an easy way.

Faced with this dillema, I figured looking for cheap moving companies in my area wouldn't be too hard. Wow, was I wrong! I called local business after local business in my area at first thinking that it would just be a couple of guys and a truck, they'd come to get my stuff and we'd be done by noon. Not even close. From booking the truck, to figuring out the square footage of rooms, sizing of furniture, types of packing materials needed, distances needed to travel, storage areas required, it was a hassle and a real struggle. Not only that, the pricing wasn't competitive. Then I decided to branch out and go with check the services of the big players. Every one of the national moving companies I called, basically cost the same amount within a few hundred dollars of each other. They weren't cheap either!

So after going through this for a few weeks, I figured that there must be an easier way to find someone to move me both reliably and for little money. Good news! After spending some time online, I stumbled upon a new web service called Well, truth be told, I actually had used Uship in the past for hauling a motorcycle I purchased out of state...but what I didn't know is that they also connect homeowners with cheap moving companies. is like the "Ebay" of hauling, and moving things. The way it works is so simple and it turns out to be very competitve. You simply create an account, create your "moving" request and post it. In turn, it goes out to the entire provider community and they can bid on it. Once you receive bids from these folks, you can check their reputation and read comments and concerns from past customers. Best of all, because the providers know it is a competitve environment, they don't monkey around with pricing. Usually you get the moving companies best pricing right away.

My experience with using this service was excellent. Remember, the website is just a conduit to join the customers and the providers. Uship itself doesn't actually provide any moving service. So due dilligence is necessary when checking out the providers who bid on your projects. All in all though, I think this is a great option for you when you are considering the best way to evaulate moving company quotes. I hope this article has led you to a new service that will help you!