The best place to get cheap snowboard goggles is unfortunately not your local extreme sports store. While I would love to support the local guys, they rarely have the best prices. If you'd rather keep the little guys in business than save money, then browse away from this article. However, if you're interested in saving some of that hard-earned dough, then read on. Without a doubt, online auction sites like eBay have the best deals on snowboard goggles. However, they don't provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision. For this reason, the best place to start your search is not eBay, but your local extreme sports store. Go to the store and try on a bunch of pairs with your helmet on (you don't want a nasty Gaper Gap in between the helmet and the goggles letting air hit you in the forehead). Also, ask the salesmen what goggles they prefer and why. Once you settle on a few pairs that you like, go home. It will be tempting to support the shop, but you're not quite done with your search yet. Once you get home, search online for reviews of the models you liked. For instance, search for "Electric EG 1 Goggles Review." Next, try to find any flaws in the goggles that you didn't pick up at the store. If everything checks out, head over to eBay to search for your model. In the event that eBay doesn't have your model, go to Google Shopping and search for goggles in Google for the goggles you Googled before (Can you find a google goggles in a Google goggle search?). Assuming your head doesn't explode when you do that, you're likely to find the pair you were after for a great deal cheaper than the ones you saw at the store. Alternatively, you could also choose to opt for an early-season snowboard swap meet. While relatively rare nowadays, swap meets are incredible places to find the best gear at low prices. Also, you'll meet a lot of cool people who are probably connected in some way to the snowboarding industry, racing, or competing. Finally, if you're still in a bind, the last place to look for a cheap pair of snowboard goggles would be a garage sale. It's not the best-case scenario, particularly because most of the pairs you'll find (if you find any!) will be old and junky (there's a reason they didn't try to sell them on eBay!). However, if you live in a ski town, you might come upon a diamond in the rough. If you're looking for more information about goggle brands, models or advice on how to pick a great pair, cheap snowboarding goggles has all of the information you need to make a great choice.