Wanting to make money writing online and actually being successful at it are two different things. People who were once successfully working from home from what was called content mulls are now scrambling to pay bills each week.


The reason for this lack of income from being able to make money writing online is not being able to find private clients. Post the shut down of the content mills, many writers were posting on the forums begging for overflow work and where they can find private clients. This should be a sign to everyone that the secret to being successful is being able to find work when you need it.

Finding Private Clients to Make Money

Option One: Forums


We are not talking about work from home forums here. For every position that is posted on one of those, there are thousands of applicants that you will need to beat out. The forums that you want to join are business, marketing, and internet marketing ones. This is where the people who need your services hang out.


The trick to using this to find private clients to make money writing online is to become an active member of the community. Share your knowledge and earn the trust of members so that they will be willing to hire you.


Option Two: Craig’s List


Answering ads for freelance writers can be a bit tricky. You never know if it is just a scam looking for samples or something else. It is time to put the control back into your own hands. You can do this by placing your own Craig’s List ads to offer your services. The great thing is that you can place them in many different cities and tap onto markets for your freelance writing services that you never even thought of.


When you are placing your ads, you can choose whether you want to list rates or negotiate them on a per private client basis. It is also a good idea to use a contract where you get either half or all of your payment upfront. This will be very helpful when you are making money writing online to make sure that you do not get scammed.


Option Three: Cold Calling


Cold calling when it pertains to the making money writing online world is often times more cold emailing. This is when you search the Internet for sites and blogs on topics that you write on. You then send emails to the site owners offering your services to them. This option is very much a numbers game. The more emails you send out, the more private clients that you might land.



It is a good idea in the email to personalize it to each site. You want to make sure to tell the owner why they need your services. This will make them much more likely to contact you for further information.




If you want to make a full time income making money writing online then you are going to need to use these options to make sure that you always have enough work. It is important to not depend on one company or private client too much. By making sure that you always have a way to get new private clients, you will be a success.