Coupon clipping has returned to the United States as a form of great savings and, for some, a passionate hobby of sorts. Seeing how much you can save on your shopping can be exhilarating as well as providing some much needed financial relief to your family during a tight economic time. Many people feel that buying the Sunday paper to get coupons is too costly and pass up on couponing altogether. You don’t have to buy the paper in order to get coupons you can use, there are several ways you can get coupons without using local papers.

Online Resources

There are a number of online resources available to help you get all the coupons you could ever want without having to purchase a single newspaper. You can find lots of coupons in online coupon circulars like SmartSource and Redplum. They allow printing of their coupons right to your home printer. You are usually only allowed to print a certain number of times for each coupon but it is a nice way to get free coupons.


You can also sign up for your store's customer loyalty cards. These often allow you access to online store coupons that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Some of them also give you points for your purchases that can be translated into big savings later with rebate checks or purchase coupons to use at the register at a later time.


There are many coupon sites such as that offer coupons for free and keep you up to date on the latest coupon savings. Additionally, many manufacturers have coupons on their website that you can print and use in your local stores. Checking out your favorite product manufacturers online is a great way to find savings.


If you are willing to spend a small amount of money you can purchase clipped coupons online from coupon clippers and have them mailed to you for a fraction of what it would cost to clip them yourself. This is a good way to get lots of coupons for the same product all at once.


Offline Resources

There are also resources you can use that aren't on the computer. If you don’t want to purchase a newspaper to get your coupons, consider the people that you know and the people in your community. There are places like barber shops, restaurants, and doctor's offices that often have the paper delivered to them. Ask if they'll remove the circulars for you and hold them for you to pick up, they are usually happy to do so provided you are polite about it and no-one else has asked them already. You can also check with your local stores and see if you can have the circulars from any left over Sunday papers before they send them back for recycling. Friends and family are also usually more than willing to help you save coupons for you if they don’t use them.


Sitting down and writing a letter to the manufactures of some of your favorite products either by U.S. mail or via e-mail and asking them if they had any coupons or samples they could spare is an excellent way to get coupons. Explaining to them that you really love their products but you are on a tight budget and can't often find enough coupons for their product can really pave the way for a little help. They will often send you coupons in the mail.