dexter cattle (34696)If you are thinking of starting a small farm or if you want to add a new variety of cattle to your herd I strongly encourage you to consider raising Dexter Cattle. These cattle are one of the smallest cattle breeds to come out of England and generally are about half the size of most other traditional English cattle. They also are extremely hearty and conform to the harsh conditions of an English winter. This breed of cattle is originally from Ireland and has spread their roots all across the world. Dexter cattle are a favorite among small farmers as they are very easy to manage and very cost effective.

Dexter cows generally range between 600-700 pounds and mature Dexter bulls only grow as large as 1,000 pounds. The breed is usually marked by solid colors and small horns and is traditionally bred as either milk cows or beef cattle. Regardless of your preference, Dexter cattle are a great fit for anyone looking to start or expand their cattle herd.

If you are in the market to buy Dexter cattle your search should originate online. There are numerous resources that you can consult on the best places to locate and purchase Dexter cattle. Breeders in the United States are growing at a rapid pace because of the increasing popularity of this cattle breed. There are also many Dexter cattle directories online that will give you the names and contact information for licensed breeders. You will want to make sure to check the better Business Bureau rating of any breeders before you agree to look at their cattle stock. This could save you from a disastrous transaction.

When you go to meet a potential Dexter cattle breeder you want to make sure to inspect their breeding facilities. You will want to make sure that the facilities are clean, sanitary, and that the cows are well taken care of. You will also want to visually inspect the bulls and make sure that they are free of defects. You will also want to check the breeder's paperwork. Have they had a history of health problems with their cows or their calves? Have they had complaints lodged against them with the better Business bureau? Do they seem friendly and offer good customer service?

Selecting a breeder can be a daunting task but if you select the right one it might lead to a relationship that will continue on into the future. Raising Dexter cattle can be quite addicting so there is a good possibility that you will be buying more cattle from this breeder in the future. If you select the right one you can establish a relationship that will last a lifetime!