Let's face it, these days with the economy in total disarray and a recession weighing heavy upon the nation, prices for travel continue to soar. Airlines have been forced to add all sorts of surcharges and fees that were never even part of the deal before. Now it costs extra if you have more than a few pieces of luggage and some airlines have started charging for the previously free snacks. When you add all of this on top of the absurdly expensive price to fly, airline tickets and airfare can really make a heavy dent on your checkbook!

The good news is that it is possible to find dirt cheap airfare and airline ticket deals online. There are plenty of great travel sites that offer searches to bring you the lowest possible one-way and roundtrip fares. These sites will scour the internet, comparing multiple airline sites and travel websites for the best fares. The cheap ticket sites will then return a side by side listing of the cheapest fares available, so you can get the best deal on airfare for your money. You've most likely seen commercials for a few of these sites or even seen them advertised online as you've been surfing the web.

There's some helpful advice and tips for those seeking to fly somewhere without paying exorbitant amounts of money. For example, being flexible with your travel dates can help with savings, as you'll notice some airlines offer cheaper fares on specific days. There's been specials in the past from airlines such as Southwest on roundtrip flights, but you had to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday and return on a certain weekday. Being open to this idea can help you benefit from these special deals. Also, planning in advance is a big help, as ticket prices will go up and up the closer the date is. Also, popular destination airline flights will fill up making it tougher to get a seat on the flight you want, at a decent price. Unless you're a business traveler who needs to score tickets at a moment's notice, try to stay open to when you fly, and also to plan in advance to get a deal.

Keeping an eye on those deals is key as well. There's one website in particular that you can sign up for free and track deals to the destinations of your choice. It features a full out travel search engine that displays the cheap airfare tickets deals for you on demand. It's a good idea to always do your research when booking a flight, and look for dirt cheap airline tickets and travel deals so that you can benefit from the power of the world wide web and save money traveling!