Owing a dog (or two or five!) can get expensive. A lot of dog owners know too well how easy it is to rack up the costs at a local pet store when purchasing dog food, toys, beds, collars, etc.

What's heartbreaking is that so many dogs are given up to shelters every year because their dog parents could no longer afford to care for them.

So if you would like to save some money on your dog supplies please read the following tips:

Purchase Dog Supplies at a Wholesale Website

Online dog supply retailers like JB Pet offer deeply discounted prices for a huge selection of pet supplies. From food, toys, crates, kennels, treats, collars, clothing, agility equipment, medications, etc. you can find pretty much anything that you need.

If you join their newsletter you will regularly get emails with great coupons and special offers.

You can order supplies for your dogs and cats online, over the phone, or through that mail order catalog that you can request for free.

Find Unwanted Dog Supplies on Local Classified Ads and at Garage Sales

Don't underestimate the power of finding stuff locally! If you browse through your local ads on Craigslist or you visit a garage sale in your neighborhood, usually you will find great dog supplies that people just want to get rid of.

The most common items you can find at garage sales and from local ads are crates, cages, agility equipment, gates, collars, and even toys. These finds can be a welcome relieve because they are the most expensive dog items!

Trade Dog Supplies with Friends

Maybe you have a huge basket of dog toys that Fido refuses to play with and your neighbor has a big dog bed that they don't need anymore because they recently adopted a pug. So you both swap supplies and your Fido gets a comfy dog bed to nap in and your neighbor's pug gets a bunch of new toys to chew apart.

Everyone wins and it cost you both nothing to get what you dogs needed!

So these three ways to help either find discount dog supplies or even get them for free can hopefully help overcome the high cost of dog ownership.

How do you save money on your dog supplies?