The strip of Sin City is full of fun, casinos and shows. From the Blue Man Group to Penn and Teller, you can have a night that can't be found anywhere else in the United States. However, there is the downside of great entertainment - the costs. The shows can cost a pretty penny but are worth it if you can find yourself a discount. Knowing where to look, planning and even asking around will get your cash to stretch longer! Here's how!

Know the Nights You Want to See a Show

Shows usually run only five nights a week with several afternoon performances. If you know when you are going, start searching for the shows before your vacation. Shows are less expensive during the week instead of the weekend and if you plan, it is your cash you save!

Know What Type of Entertainment You Want to See

From the basic magic show to the absolute Las Vegas Showgirls, decide on what you want to see and how it fits your tastes. There are dozens of options from music to shows and everything in between.

Got a Minute? Go to the Half Price Ticket Sellers

There are three major half price booths in Las Vegas that can bring you half price tickets. The only downside of this service is you dont know what you are going to be watching until you walk up to the window. Your adventure needs to kick in and be ready to be surprised on the luck of the draw at the ticket window!

Look in the Free Magazines

The free magazines you find in the Las Vegas hotel lobbies can be your friend. Those nights that don't have heavy admission will be advertised in the throws and you can capture the deals and discounts for these shows. Make sure you pick up the magazines the minute you walk in to enjoy all the details.

What to See a Show and Plan? Try the Local Ticket Brokers

Local ticket brokers have a reputation of bringing out crazy prices for certain shows. This is true if the seats are great and the time is appropriate. Yet, if there are seats with little interest and the event is later in the evening, then the ticket prices for the show will drop considerable - probably less than face. Give the local ticket brokers a call and see what they have to offer.

The best part of Las Vegas is spending some time being entertained and getting yourself tickets to a show is the best way to go!