A recession can be a difficult finanical time for normal hard working people just to get by. As job cuts increase and families lose their homes to foreclosure, there can be little hope of any type of recovery. As cash is less and less available, the importance of finding other ways to make money become more important.

Finding a second job is an option to increase ones income, but it has several disadvantages. In poor economic times, jobs are very hard to come by making it difficult to take on another one. Secondly, finding a second job takes away your time which is not ideal. Looking for other easy ways to make money seems like the best option.

Here are a few steps that can help those looking to find other sources of income during rough or prosperous economic times.

Things You Will Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Access

Step 1

Write online content for several of the Web 2.0 properties that are available on the internet today. The need for freelance writers will only continue to grow as more and more companies are looking to increase their internet precense. Anyone with decent writing skills and knowledge of the internet will probably find this freelance work an easy way to make money.

Step 2

Invest in dividend paying stocks to earn income over time. Blue chip stocks that pay dividends are a fairly safe investment that can help supplement your income. Even during a recession, the best dividend paying stocks fair much better than growth stocks. Interested investors should complete their due diligence on any security before they make a choice to purchase it.

Step 3

Purchase certificates of deposit to earn easy money with zero risk. Provided your deposits are FDIC insured through the bank, there is no chance of losing your initial investment. Even though rates can be low during recessionary times, there are few other places investors can put their money that guarantees a solid return.

Step 4

Open up a rewards credit card that pays you back for purchases made. There are several cards available that don't charge an annual fee and will pay the cardholder back up to 5% at times on their monthly purchases. This is a perfect way to earn a few hundred dollars each year in easy money just by making the same purchases as you normally would. Make sure you payoff the balance on the card ontime every month to avoid late fees and interest payments.

Step 5

Start taking online survey's as another opportunity to earn extra money. The payout is not going to let you retire early, but the work is easy and it pays. There are several reputable online companies that will pay people to take various surveys. This can be a perfect way to put a little extra money back into your pocket to help with your monthly bills.

Earning a little extra money every month to get by doesn't always required taking a second job. With a little creativity and an open mind, there are ways to put a little green back in your pocket to help pay the bills. The items listed above are just a few of the endless number of opportunities to earn easy money with very little effort.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful of money making scams asking for an upfront payment. There is no need to purchase these programs or materials to make extra money.
  • Freelance developers and photographers can also make a lot of extra money, in addition to writers. If you have any of these skills, it may be in your best interest to check out some of these opportunities.