Employment AdsFinding where jobs are is the first step to finding a new one. If you don't know where employment opportunities are, you can't apply, interview, or get a new job. There are a number of places to research to find where job openings are whether you are looking for sales jobs, professional employment, clerical, construction, service industry or any other form of employment. Fortunately, the number of online sources is growing daily. More information is available today than ever before. Tough economic times when jobs are few and unemployment is high, call for using all the resources available to find employment. Below is a listing of resources that can be used to help you find a job opening.

Things You Will Need

Computer, internet access

Step 1

Jobs through friends

Friends, neighbors, and relatives can be a great source. They usually want to see you succeed in finding a new job and can sometimes help you gain the "inside track" for getting the position.

Step 2

Online Job Search

On-line resources are growing at a rapid rate. There are a number of job listing sites such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com as well as other sites such as Craigslist.com. In addition, companies will usually post their job openings on their own websites. Many local and national newspapers will also list the classified ads that are printed in the newspaper on-line as will employment agencies and state employment services. A Google search will usually help locate potential employers and positions. However, a word of caution, do some due diligence on companies and web sites before providing any personal information. There are some scams out there.

Step 3

newspaper employment ads

There are still the more traditional ways to find where job openings are. They include the following: School and college placement services, State and local unemployment offices, Employment agencies, Local, State and Federal governments, Labor unions, Professional associations and networking groups, Libraries, Community centers, Youth and women counseling and employment programs, Newspapers, Trade magazines, Professional journals and Companies themselves.

Step 4

Some individuals are getting creative in finding where jobs are by taking out ads in newspapers and journals, using billboards and even holding a sign and passing out resumes on the street.

Tough economic times when jobs are few and unemployment is high, call for using all the resources available to find employment.

Tips & Warnings

Beware of bogus websites that are scams set up to get your personal information for identity theft purposes.