Here Are Unusual Ways to Find Things to Sell on eBay and Make Money Online

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Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.  We may find ourselves with an unexpected car repair, a need for medication not covered by insurance or even a job loss.  If your bank accounts are running on empty and you need to fill them to pay your bills, there are ways to find free items to sell on eBay that can help you get some much needed cash fast.

Comb Through Your House for Hidden Treasures

We all have things we have purchased and used only once or twice or even never-the tags and labels are still on the items. Get rid of them by selling them at auction.

You would be surprised at some of the things people purchase.  Maybe you have an old game, but the pieces are missing.  Guess what?  You can sell the pieces separately and make more money that what the original game cost.

I once bought an old Battleship game at a yard sale that had one ship missing.  I sold the ships, the cases and the red and white pieces separately and made a nice profit from the defective one dollar game.

Even a hard to find item that has some wear or a small stain will sell if a person wants to add it to her collection.  Just be sure to label any imperfections and mention it in your listing.

Old appliances, serving pieces and knick-knacks may yield you the cash you need in a hurry.  They can’t earn you anything if they are not for sale!

Asking Friends and Family

Everyone has unused and unloved stuff just laying around their houses.  They are deemed too“good” to give away, yet it clutters their shelves and closets.  Even the stuff they think is junk may be sold for more than they think it is worth.

Although people may not want to offer you a monetary hand out, they can offer you a hand up by giving you the things they don’t use to sell.  You can ask if they want a piece of the profit, but if they know your financial situation, friends and family will more than likely let you keep the money and know that you are doing something positive to stay afloat.

Freecycle and Craig's List

Freecycle is a website community where people post items they no longer need to be picked up by the person who contacts them first.  No costs are involved and you can just leave the item by the curb or on your porch for the person to pick up.

While vibe of Freecycle is not to take items to resell, if you are in a financial pickle, this may be a short-term option for you to get some free items to sell on eBay.  Be sure to ask the person offering the goods specific questions about what you are getting because you do not want to waste your time and gas picking up an item that is not in good, sellable condition.

Craig’s List also has a local section for free items that you can pick up at the curb of someone’s home.  These larger items may require you to only do pick up only kind of auctions, but it is worth the time if a piece of furniture is in great condition.

Treasure Hunting on Trash Day

Several years ago, a big blue pickup truck and a white pickup truck came by my neighborhood once a month the night before big trash pick up day.  The people driving them were in the hunt for treasure my neighborhood had left on the curb for the taking. They would both race around from one street to the other trying to beat each other to what was there.

I have personally found treasures left by others on the curb for free and while I kept a few, I resold them for handsome profits.  My friend’s daughter and her husband opened a local coffee shop and all of the tables and chairs they have were found on the curb.

Get to know when trash pick up is in different neighborhoods and then make sure you are there in the evening to get first dibs on what is lying for the taking.

A Great Read for Those Who Need Money Now

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Dumpster Diving

The Art and Science of Dumpster DivingCredit:

Did you know that there stores throw away perfectly good items like shoes and clothing? While this practice is not for the weak kneed, when faced with a large mortgage payment that must be met or a child who needs a new medication, this is an interesting avenue for finding free things to sell on eBay.

Thrift Store Finds for Profit

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If you have a bit of cash to spend, this book is a guide at your side for what to look for in thrift stores, particularly clothing.

Post Yard Sale Finds

If there is a community yard sale, you might want to go at the tail end of it to see just what people are putting out for you to take. Most people do not want the stuff back in their homes, there may be large items or cartons of stuff on the curb just waiting to be taken away.

Finding free items to sell on eBay takes a bit of ingenuity and some time, but the profits you can make are worth it if you need some cash fast.