Someone's junk is another man's treasure

It is amazing all of the things that people give away for free.  You can find many items that were once someone's junk and you can turn it into your treasure.  I would know because this is exactly how we collected all of the things we have in our basement.  We have so much that we need to get rid of.  The things that I once considered a treasure are now collecting in my basement.  Nevertheless, I have have found some pretty awesome deals when finding free stuff in my city.

One awesome place to look is on Craigslist.  A lot of times there will be free sales listed or curb alerts listed.  Pay close attention to the free section on Craigslist as there may be some things worth saving.  When people move out of a house, they may not feel like bringing all of their things with them they had when they moved in.  Some people decide just to put their things on the curb because it's not worth the hassle of selling them.  I have found some amazing clothes for my kids this way.  I have even been to a free sale one time where the lady opened up her entire house and was letting people take whatever they wanted.  I found lots of gardening tools, ride on toys, bikes, clothes and other miscellaneous household items.  I was surprised that she didn't even section off areas in her house that she didn't want people to go.  She was literally getting rid of everything in her house.  Now that I look back on it, I sure hope it was her things that she was getting rid of and not someone else's.

There are a few give away sites on Facebook as well.  These sites list things that people are giving away.  Many of them give away things on the site simply to pay it forward.  On these sites, you can also ask if you are in need of something as well.  I have swapped my clothes that were too small for my kids with clothes I currently needed for them.  This swap works out well!

Simply driving around town you may see things on the curb as well.  A lot of people don't advertise their free stuff and this is how you can get a lot of things for a great deal since you are usually the first to know.

Sometimes you can find free things on different websites as well.  You may just need to pay for shipping to get it back to you.  This is an awesome thing to take advantage of.

In my areas, dumpster diving is illegal, but it is a great way for you to find free things that may be useful to you.  Before you dumpster dive, please make sure it is okay with the business first.  It is possible that they will tell you no because they don't want you getting hurt while climbing through the bin.  However, I know there is a lot to be found in a dumpster.  I have seen some grocery stores throw out many pounds of meat simply because it is a few days past the expiration date.  Just because you don't eat something the day before it expires, doesn't mean that it is going to be garbage by the time you eat it.  There are some people that have been arrested for dumpster diving in their grocery store parking lot though.  This is why it is important to get permission, especially if it is on private property.

Finding free stuff is pretty easy if you put your mind to it and look around your town.  There are things all over the place that you can turn into your treasures.  Don't forget to be creative when you are looking at things.  There are many re-purpose projects you may want to take advantage of for your family.  Your kids will love to do some of these hands on projects with you as you find these items together.  This can definitely turn into a fun hobby for the entire family.