Las Vegas is known for the high rollers. Plenty of folks spending big money on the tables, casinos, rooms and even tipping. I don't know about you, but I prefer to live a little bit near the budget of life and end up that I do a few fancy things and lots of free things. Las Vegas is full of freebies that are available for the asking. All you need to do is declare yourself on vacation and start enjoying the freebies of Sin City.

Go to Ethel M. Chocolates

Ethel M. is a great little chocolate shop, connected to a chocolate company. Here you can enjoy the sights and smells of chocolate pieces being made. yummy to the tummy, they know guest may sneak a snack so we are all behind the glass watching the chocolate getting poured and molded into pieces. This tour is absolutely free with no reservations needed. So you can see it made (and get a free sample) just by showing up to the chocolate store!

Roar! The Lion Habitat is Waiting for You

The lions are resting comfortably at the MGM Grand and are on display for your viewing on a daily basis. Located in the middle of the casino, the lions are roaming around but what you don't realize is they are really looking at the people thinking how yummy we might be to eat. This is a great place to view some wildlife without worrying about being a piece of meat!

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

If may be 90 degrees in the middle of the desert, but the penguins at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat don't notice sitting in their ice cold living quarters. In the center of the Flamingo hotel, there is a wildlife area where penguins, flamingos and other birds are just hanging out enjoying the day. Free to check out, you won't be able to believe how these animals are living in the heat.

Fremont Experience

Think you have seen every light show known to man? Well, only if you have see the Fremont Experience can you say that. This is an amazing light show that happens every 30 minutes timed to music. It doesn't just awe people, it leaves you with an neck ache as you twist and turn to keep up with the amazing show. Since it does happen every half hour, find yourself a perfect place and expect the evening to just speed by. It is one fun freebie!

Bellagio Fountains

Since you are walking the Strip don't forget to pay tribute to Oceans 11 and stop by the fountains to watch the timed water fountains to music. This is world famous and frankly quite fun!

Bellagio Conservatory

If you are at the Fountains, then hop inside and check out the Conservatory. With over 7500 plants, flowers and trees lovely displayed, you can't get your eyes off just how wonderful this Conservatory is. Being that it is free, browse as much as you like and enjoy!

Mirage Aquirium

Hoping to see a few swimming creatures in the desert? Take a minute to check out the lobby and be in awe of the Mirage Aquirium. This huge wall aquirium is full of exoctic fish that swim with smiles on their faces (ok maybe that will be the beer talking.) Nonetheless, you won't be disappointed on how big and beautiful this freebie is to view!