Free workout routines are varied depending on each individual's height, weight, physical ability and the amount of activity and caloric intake per day. To enable a workout routine to be effective it needs to include exercise but also must provide a diet plan so,together, your health and fitness goals will be achievable. This article reviews several free workout routines available on the Internet.


The SH Trainer website takes into consideration your personal details but also asks what types of fitness goals you have. Once you answer a few questions your personal workout routine is formulated. The end result includes free workout routines schedules and diet plan recommendations along with detailed calorie assessment. Use all these weight control elements to help you lose weight or gain weight depending on if your goal is to build muscles or lose weight. This is a complete workout program. No sign-up necessary for this free workout routine.

Free Workout Routine Exercise Program - FREETRAINERS.COM

This free exercise program and personal diet plan is customizable for you. The workout routine is free but you need to create an account. Once you create your account there are options to create your customized fitness plan, individualized nutritional plan, and can also become part of the community. This is beneficial so you can talk with individuals who are experiencing the same issues you are and interact with them.

Free Workout Routine Program - PERSONALFITNESSPLANNER

This site you need to sign up for a free 10 day trial. The benefits are that the workout routine program is interactive and provides you information on customized meal plan and workouts to help your reach your fitness goals, exercise demonstrations animated so you can see exactly how to do them correctly, and personalized nutrition information. This is a total package of health & fitness website including free workout routines.

Workout Routines - CHANGING SHAPE –

Although this is not a free workout routine it is a workout website that is recommended by 'Fitness Magazine'. You can get a free fitness analysis after which you need to join the site. The benefit is that you will be provided with your own meal planner, workout schedule, body fat and weight chart, exercise and nutrition journal, online personal trainer, workouts and nutrition planner. Additional benefits include lifestyle and fitness calendar and thousands of food exchanges.

Following a customized workout program will help you to manage your personalized exercise routines & weight loss diet plan. The positive results will provide the incentive to keep up with your free workout routines and achieve and maintain your desired fitness and health goals.