There are many legitimate web sites online that have partnered with the Federal Government Agencies and most of these web sites share a good vision in order to give fast and personalized accessto these government assistance programs through government grants, scholarships and financial assistance. Several grants are awarded to people each year to help relieve from their financial burden and there are also scholarships as well as other forms of financial assistance so that students can go back to school. Therefore, it's really important to know where to look for financial assistance because the government will offer money to students who will qualify every year.


Moderately Challenging


Things you'll need:

  • Time to research
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Hard work and dedication
  • Patience

1 Use the internet to find government benefit programs. One helpful website is This web site has an online screening tool that is free, easyto-understand and any information that you'll give is completely confidential. If you want personal financial assistance like State Social Services, Medicaid or Social Security Security Income then you can find assistance at this web site too.

You only need to answer a series of questions about yourself, and this website will provide a list of government benefit programs that you might be eligible to receive and they will also provide some information about how you can apply for it. This website doesn't require your name, Social Security number, phone number, or any other information that might be used to identify you.

Even if it's an insurance, direct payment, training, loan, or other services then there might be government benefit programs available to assist you. When you visit their home page, you can just choose either to locate Federal or State benefits. You can also browse by category, or get results through their online questionnaire.

2. Contact your local state to receive a specific grant. Remember that you must be a state resident in order to qualify for a grant through the state in which you are also residing. Find the official website of the state that you're residing then check if it's offering a specific grant that you could avail and apply.

3. Look for the official web site that has a partnership with the Federal Government Agencies. If you are looking for a free application for a Federal student aid in order to go or back to college then you can visit the website like You can find more information in their website about free application for Federal student aid if you're interested in applying.

You also need to contact the financial aid office of the college that you'll soon be attending. A financial aid is a practical way to help pay for your school needs so it's important that the financial aid office in your school should also have knowledge of any scholarship, college grant or financial assistance that you may have.

4. Find an official web site that caters to your needs. For example, there is an official government site designed for college students as well as their families called The goal of this web site is to offer students an easy access to all the information and resources coming from the government. This government site can also lead you to other government and selected non-government web sites to help you find the financial aid and scholarships that will suit your needs, select the right college, find internship or available jobs during summer, learn about careers that you are interested into, and a lot more online.

This website will give you various answers to your questions without even the need to search other sites since the links that you can find at this website come from the advice made by students themselves, teachers, parents, and other knowledgeable people who know what information will be the most helpful after high school life. It's a government site made from the combined efforts and dedication between federal agencies, other parts of the education community, and students under the administration and guidance of the U.S. Department of Education.

5.  Apply for a Federal Pell grant and wait patiently for an acceptance if you are interested and really looking for one. Take note that each grant has certain requirements too for the application process. A Federal Pell Grant doesn't have to be repaid unlike a loan and this type of government grant is generally awarded only to undergraduate students who were not able to finish a bachelor's or a professional degree. Although there were some cases where students who enrolled in a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program were able to receive a Pell Grant.

The school where you're presently enrolled should inform you in formal writing how much your award will be, as well as how and when you'll actually be paid. If you are eligible for a Federal Pell grant, your school can apply for the Pell Grant funds so that your school costs could be paid directly by check.

The amount that a student receives if ever accepted will also depend on the status if he or she is a full-time or a part-time student, the costs to attend school, as well as his or her plans to attend school for full academic year or less. The maximum amount of a Pell Grant award can basically change each year and it will also depend on the funding of the program.

Usually, when you are awarded a grant, you must also agree to the terms of that particular grant. These terms usually require you to perform a specific task or valuable service to the community when you'll be given this grant in exchange for it. Applying for agrant is often a very good thing especially for single mothers who want to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Tips & Warning:

A Federal Pell Grant doesn't have to be repaid unlike a loan and is usually available to women with a specific income as well as undergraduate students who were not able to finish a bachelor's or a professional degree. Take note that a grant is an award and you don't have to worry in repaying the money back.