Have you been playing guitar for a while and feel pretty confident in your skills?  You’d besurprised how easily you can turn your skill into income by finding some student to teach.  There are people out there looking for instructors just like you.  You don’t need to be a virtuoso to be able to offer instruction to new players.  Here are some tips to help you get ready.



The Basics


Spend a little time rounding yourself out with the basics.  Get comfortable with simple chromatic and major scales.  Make sure you know the major chord shapes.  Get familiar with writing tablature and but yourself a book of tab paper.


Set a Price


Make sure that you’ve figured out how much you’re going to charge.  The amount you can make is completely dependent on your skill level.  Don’t charge much if you’re only going to be able to give someone basic instruction but you’d be surprise at how much people would be willing to pay if you’re a solid player and are good at offering instruction.




Great success can be had simply by word of mouth.  Tell your friends, family, and coworkers that you’re offering guitar lessons.  They might know someone who wants lessons and point them your direction.  Go to the music shops in your area and see if they have a community board where they allow people to post gear for sale and lessons offered.  Hanging out for a while at the store and just playing the guitars goes a long way too.  Offer help to someone at the store who looks like they’re looking for their first guitar.  Craigslist is a great place to offer your lessons as well.  Make sure to add decent pictures and maybe even a link to a video of you playing, a simple text ad on craigslist is often overlooked so you want to make sure that you catch their eye.  Your local church is another great place to offer your services.  Get to know the worship leader and let him know your strengths; they may point some of their team members in your direction to help increase their skill.


It’s easy to discount yourself as an instructor but it doesn’t take a whole lot of ability to find people who would love to take lessons from you.  Set the right price and find the right people to start earning a little extra money on the side!