You can use Google image search to find photos and images you can use for free on your articles. You can find images that are licensed for you to reuse them commercially. You can find images to use on your articles.

Google Images allow you to search for photos that you are allowed to use on your articles. By using these images you can save a lot of money as compared to using micro stock photograph websites where you are required to pay for usage rights to the photos.

Things You Will Need

Internet Access

Step 1

Go to the Google home page located at

Step 2

Google ImagesClick on "Images"

Step 3

Advanced Image SearchesClick on "Advanced Image Search"

Step 4

Commerical ReuseClick on the box at the bottom where it says "not filtered by license" and change select either "labeled for commercial reuse" or "labeled for "commercial reuse with modification"

Step 5

Enter your search keyword in the box at the top and press search.

Step 6

After you find an image you would like to use you need to click on it and verify that the image is available to use. Usually you just need to give a photo credit to the photographer or a link back to the photographers website.
You can learn more from Googles Usage Rights For Photos.

Tips & Warnings

  • The vast majority of the results are images that allow you to reuse them for yourself.
  • If you are searching for an image to use for an article site such as Ehow you need to make sure you select one of the commercial license searches that are available.