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Summertime is just around the corner and working out has been the cornerstone of  Winter activities.  Most people who have dieted and trimmed down are looking forward to showing off their fabulous improved bodies on the beach.  New fashions come out each year to help us to look our best when we hit the sand, but how do we find and inexpensive bathing suit or pair of swim shorts without breaking the bank.  If you have searched and have been unable to find something that suits you, keep reading.

 1.  Shop after summer starts.  Once the summer actively starts; retailers are already starting to bring in their fall selections.  This is the time to get a great deal on a swimsuit or pair of swim shorts.  Most retailers are looking to close out their season by breaking even on overstocks of swimwear.  If you shopped at the end of last summer than you got some of the best deals available.

Mens swimwear
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2.  Shop online.  Many online retailers have great swimwear for sale at better prices than some of the retailers.  You can quickly view several online stores and find the ones that have the style of swimwear that you are looking for.  NOTE:  Make sure you pay attention to the shipping costs; the price can change dramatically just based on this cost alone. 

3.  Beach stores.  Surprisingly when you get to your summer destination, most have places where you can buy swimwear.  I have been pleasantly surprised to find these stores have something that fits everyone’s budget.  You can also find almost anything else that you forgot to bring along.   So if you are a last-minute shopper, there are still some great deals out there and close to the water.

4.  Flea Markets and Consignment Stores.  Many of these places have clothing items including swimwear that have never been worn.   Some wealthy clients drop off beautiful bathing suits that have never been worn at consignment stores to get rid of them.  There are also flea market finds where the store owners have picked up 100’s of items of swimwear at wholesale prices and are looking to sell them quickly at a good price.  Don’t be afraid to try your luck at either of these venues.  You may be happily surprised at what you find.

Looking great at the beach is one of the best parts of summer.  Finding inexpensive swimwear makes it that much sweeter.  If you didn’t shop for your bathing suit last summer, there is still time.  Shop online, visit some of the beach stores near your vacation spot or checkout the flea markets and consignment stores in your area.  Your next great swimwear pieces may be just around the corner.