If you are going to be planning a trip to Sin City then you might as well save money. There is no cooler destination for a wide range of people than Vegas. Travel discounts for travel to Las Vegas can be had in a variety of ways. Here are some of the top ways to get travel discounts.


All Casinos will offer comps to their players. If you gamble at the Casino then you may qualify for comps including free meals and free hotel rooms. The comps are based on how much you gamble overall, and not how much you win or lose. You can win thousands of dollars and still be eligible to get free stuff from the casinos.

Cheap Vacations

You can often find great values when you book a complete vacation online at a travel website such as Expedia. The best time to travel and stay in Vegas for the cheapest prices can vary drastically. Generally the summertime is a cheap time to visit Las Vegas because they do not get as many travelers who try to avoid the 110+ Degree weather.

The times do vary though and are based on many other factors including whether there is a major convention in town and if it is a Holiday or not. The best thing to do would be to use a Vegas travel website such as Kayak or Expedia and then play around with different dates. If you can be flexible on your travel schedule then you can book and travel during the period when you get the best deal on your Vegas Vacation.

One thing to watch out for when booking a hotel room in Las Vegas is the infamous “resort Fees”. Many Vegas hotels use the hidden “resort fee” and will not tell you about it until you go to check in. The resort fee has to be paid and there is no way around it. The reason for the resort fee is so they can advertise a super-low price but still make money by charging you a lot of extra money each day of your stay. Some of the mandatory resort fees give you luxuries like in room phone service.

I highly advise you to stay away from any of the Hotel casinos that charge a resort fee. You can still find good deals on Vegas hotels that do charge a resort fee, but it is a disgusting and very unethical marketing practice and the only way to stop it is to quit using their hotels and casinos.

Vegas Boy and Cheapo Vegas

If you like funny travel reviews about Las Vegas and want tips on how to find the Las Vegas travel discounts that everybody else seems to find then bookmark and read Cheap Vegas on a regular basis. Even if you are not planning a trip to Las Vegas you will still find this website very amusing to read.

Free Upgrades

If it is not peak season and the rooms are not booked up then you might be able to get a free room upgrade. Depending on where you stay, a $20.00 bill might be able to get you a room upgrade. Other times simple asking politely for a room upgrade will work. If you are a girl then flirt with the guy at the counter and that could get you a free upgrade to a suite room also. Even if you booked your room at a super-cheap rate it does not hurt to ask about being upgraded to a suite for free.

Stay at a New Hotel

To get a travel discount you need to be willing to stay in new places. You may be used to staying on the Las Vegas Strip but if you get a good deal on a Downtown property then you should be willing to try something new. The good news is many people, including myself, much prefer to stay Downtown as opposed to the Strip area. If you decide to stay on the South East part of Las Vegas at Sam’s Town then you will be far away from the action you may be wanting but you can easily get to the Downtown area or the Strip properties by riding the free Sam’s Town Shuttle. Many properties that are not on the Strip or Downtown will offer free shuttles to take you where you want to go.

Rental Car

A lot of people think they need a rental car in Las Vegas but then they never use it. Yes it is nice to have a rental car if you are going to go out to visit Hoover Dam or Red rock Canyon but you may be able to save money by taking one of the bus guided tour trips to the Red Rock Canyon or Hoover Dam area. Why rent a car if you will not use it? On the other hand some people actually do need a rental car because they like to drive all over and try new things outside of Las Vegas such as visiting Area 51 and they like the freedom that comes with having a rental car. If this is you then decide if you need a rental car for everyday of you trip or if you can get by with one for only 2-3 days.

Coupons and Casino Loyalty Cards

Las Vegas travel discount coupons are everywhere. You can find coupon packs all over Las Vegas to give you free and discounted items including food. Almost every casino also has Casino loyalty cards that are free to sign up for. With the casino “Players Club Card” you will be able to get Las Vegas travel discounts by receiving free and or discounted food, rooms, and other benefits. The casino loyalty cards give you points each time you play slot machines or other gaming and then you get rewarded for the amount you play. The big casinos prefer to use loyalty cards and if you use them correctly you can get numerous free meals while playing a very small amount of money at the video poker machines.