Lidl is a multi-national grocery store with more than 10,000 locations across Europe. The name Lidl was the surname of a business partner, Ludwig Lidl, which deemed to be a far better name than that of the original founder, Schwarz Markt (Shwarzmarkt means blackmarket). If you're searching for any open positions at various locations, checking out Lidl's job Pagewould be your best bet. And if you're a recent graduate, they have different schemes and programs for the various levels of experience you might have. Some of them include being a store or district manager, the buying department where you help purchase low-cost yet high quality products to be sold a Lidl stores, international opportunities and training and development. If searching for Lidl Jobs, find out about the benefits this company has and programs that can help you succeed.

Lidl and Aldi

Lidl and Aldi are widely known to be competitors in the retail/FMCG sector, but with Lidl offering more brands, more locations and cheaper goods, they seem to be winning this fight for now. If you're determined to work in retail, it's wise to choose a company that seems to be doing well because they give you more room to grow and provide you with that all-important job security and sustainability. These low-cost stores are known to attract customers during economical turmoil while other stores like Tesco and Asda start to feel the crunch (they both saw a fall in market share in 2011 at 30.8pc and 30.4pc respectively). In 2010, Lidl enjoyed a 62 percent net profit climb. Also in 2011, Lidl saw a 12.6 percent rise in sales with an increased market share thanks to deal-hunting shoppers. When companies do well, they tend to be more willing to hire. With that being the case, finding Lidl jobs shouldn't be that difficult.

Lidl Placement Program

Lidl offers a 48-week placement program with four modules that aim to improve and develop leadership and management skills, organization skills, team work and communication aptness and a basic run-through of discount retailing. You'll be assigned a mentor that can help you decide where you would best fit in the company and which course you should take to get there. They offer a handy booklet giving you an overview of various modules (Basic Training, Property, Sales and Warehouse & Distribution), and they also provide case studies inviting you a look into how other people handle the placement program. If you're a graduate and are in search of a successful career at a sustainable company, taking advantage of Lidl's placement program is a great way to get your feet wet.

Lidl Jobs

Whichever route you take, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Lidl as your place of employment. Walking into one of Lidl's stores, you'll find it peaceful and tidy with no music over the intercom and products in their original cartons. Their stores are small making it easier to find what you need, and as mentioned above, Lidl offers more brands than Aldi giving you a much larger selection between the two pocket-sized shops. If interested in finding Lidl jobs, checking the website often for updated openings and investigating their graduate programs will definitely be helpful in acquiring a new position.