So, you have decided that this is the year you go public with your craft business. But now that you have a plan, and some product ideas, you are now wondering, just how to find local craft shows to enter?

If you have not been a part of the arts circuit, and are only finding out about local shows when they are about to happen, and have been going to them as a customer, then you have to do a little bit of research ahead of the seasons.


Books Are Very Helpful for Getting Started

If you are just starting out, and want to know how to find local shows, in your own town or city, then the first place you need to look is your City's website. Start there and many times there will be a tab for "upcoming events" for the entire year. If you dig, you should be able to see events that are going on in the town or city for the year and a contact number for the organizer.

If you check your town or city website, and don't find any shows listed, then check to see if there is at least a person and a phone number with regards to events going on in the city or town for the year. By phoning them you can find out more about who may be in charge of posting events. Usually it will be posted as "vendors wanted" for upcoming charity craft shows, or events for example.

If you don't get anywhere with the city or town website. You can take to the phone book or websites of any local art galleries. They will usually know of any upcoming events, either at the Art gallery itself, or another building, that you could apply to be in.

If that doesn't work, then the next place to check is the local craft supply store. You can ask the manager or owner, if they know of any craft shows coming up. They quite often will have them posted on a board, or will know of events coming up and the name of the organizer. Many of these shows are organized months in advance, so this will give you time to apply for them.

 Some of these events are "juried" which means they may want to see samples of what you will be selling, so that they don't have too many of one type of product. They want to make money too, and the more variety there is at one of these, then there could be a repeat of this event next year if it is successful. So, don't be nervous or worried about being asked to provide a picture of your work, to enclose with the application, this is normal for a first time applicant.

Once you have hold of a persons name or organizer, then phone them right away, and see what event may be coming up that you can apply for. They fill up fast, so don't wait too long. Many vendors have already re-applied from the year before if it was a good show for them, so there may not be many spaces open if this is an annual event.

Great Investment Especially for Outdoor Events

If you have friends that sell in craft shows, then they will have contacts. But many times, this is not the case, and you will need to do this homework yourself. If there is a craft show going on in your area this weekend, then go to it, and start finding out names or who you need to talk to about applying for the next show.

Craft show organizers love to see new blood in the craft shows. This give variety to a show. They will likely send you an application, with the prices (rent), and you should get your application in as soon as you can. Especially if this is for a Christmas craft show, which can fill up very fast. These are the most profitable craft shows, so the rent may be a little higher, but if you have the time you can create a lot of products, and most likely do well. But don't forget about other times of the year.

How to Find Local Events Don't Forget Other Seasons - Many people do well with spring craft shows. Things for the garden are great examples of crafts that do well for the spring show. But you will most likely have to apply for a spring show possibly in the New Year, a few months ahead of time.


By having a date of a show to aim for, now you have a deadline, and if you want to make your craft show profitable, then you have to create crafts that will suit the time of year the show is in. So, sometimes you will find yourself creating Christmas crafts in August! It is a bit like dealing with the fashion industry, in that they are always a season ahead.


1. So, if your want to know how to find local events in your area, then start with the town or city first, just in case they are sponsoring something or a charity may be sponsoring one, and have rented a public building for example. These can be big shows and worth investigating. Sometimes they may be a part of the Home Show for example.

2. Check with the local hobby supply stores for information of local ones, and get the organizers name and number.

3. Check with local art council or art gallery for any upcoming shows they may be having or know that are being held elsewhere.

4. Check with other vendors at the event. Some vendors may not want to give out too much information, but the person at the door when you first enter, should be able to give you the name of the organizer of that event.

5. Once you have got accepted by an organizer, don't let them down. Make sure you use your space and show up, and man your booth. This way if you find that it is a profitable venture, you will be invited to come back again next year. Plus you are likely to find out more from other vendors, now that you are one yourself.

 Some people follow craft shows all over the country, they call this the circuit. But many times you can make just as much if not more money in your own town. People tend to know you, and you don't have the cost of travel to allow for. After your first one, you can call yourself a "vendor" you are now experienced!