If you are in the market for a dog, why not consider adopting from local dog shelters? This is a benefit to everyone involved. You get the dog of your dreams, the local dog shelter has done its job, and the dog receives a new home. Getting your dog from local dog shelters is also a way to support your community. Often the dogs in local dog shelters are found wandering the streets in your area. By supporting your local dog shelters you can effectively aid in keeping wild dogs off the streets and fewer of them will become euthanized.

Below is a step by step guide about how to find local dog shelters in your area.

Things You Will Need

Access to the Internet

A telephone

Phone book


Step 1

Start with the internet - The internet is the best and most efficient way to find information in existence today. Information on the location of local dog shelters is no different. Google, or any other major search engine, will be your greatest allies in the search for local dog shelters. Simply enter the information you seek and press the 'search' button. It is as simple as a mouse click. The top results will often yield location specific information. If not, try entering your specific city. An example of a search query might be, "local dog shelters (your city)".

Step 2

Look in the phone book - I know, I know, the phone book might feel outdated, but they are still great storehouses of information. Why you ask? Well, we are looking for local dog shelters right? What better way to find a local dog shelter than to look in your local yellow pages? Trust me, look at the phone book. It likely has this written right on the cover. Simply find the section you are looking for by flipping through the pages. The listings will be in alphabetical order.

Step 3

Word of mouth - word travels fast, and it will not be long before you come across a friend or family member that will know where to find local dog shelters. Referral is still the best way to find whatever it is that you are searching for. It is also very likely that you already know someone that has adopted their dog from a local dog shelter. Ask around, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Step 4

Be patient - Your search for local dog shelters may not bear fruit right away. This is especially true if you live in a rural area with a small population. Stick to your guns and do not lose hope. Even if you do find a comprehensive list the first time you try, you still might have a long stretch of time before you find the kind of dog you seek. Have patience, it will be worth it in the end.

When you are at home and happy with your new dog remember to 'pay it forward'. Spreading the word about good local dog shelters will help promote the adoption of more dogs from local dog shelters. This is a great community service that will save the life of many dogs. Speaking of community service, why not volunteer at your local dog shelters? This is both rewarding and a great way to expand your horizons. This is especially true if you are a dog lover.

Support your local dog shelters. I wish you all the best in your search. Happy hunting!

Tips & Warnings

Be thorough in your search. It may help to get a little creative in your action plan. If you have a specific breed of dog in mind, try searching for local dog shelters that cater to a specific breed.