How to Find Me A Soulmate: What About Robbing the Cradle?

Wow - that is a loaded question, no matter if you are male or female! If you are a female, and you are asking, "how to find me a soulmate - what about robbing the cradle?," I'd say, sure - if you don't touch a guy under 18. There are many successful cases of women robbing the cradle to find a soulmate. Think of Zsa Zsa Gabor and her latest and most likely last husband, Prince someone or other. Or is it Duke? Or Sir? I can't keep the titles straight. I think it's one he bought for cash anyway. Or maybe he exchanged the family castle for it. Then, of course, there's Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. She's about eleven years his senior, and they just had twins this year. He also got her name tattooed in large letters across is shoulders. Women often peak in terms of sexuality in their mid thirties on up, while men peak and fizzle out at approximately 27 years, 2 months, 3 days, and 35.54 minutes of age.

Of course, if you are a male and asking, "How to find me a soulmate?" and then wonder about robbing the cradle, I would want to remind you of statutory rape laws. Do not mess with a woman under 18! Unless you are fourteen and she is thirteen. Then it's not robbing the cradle. It's called "dating". With a curfew of ten p.m. Otherwise, if you are much older, stick with women older than you. While a young woman may be hot today, in twenty years time she might not look so "hot". When searching for an older woman, at least you know what she looks like at an older age. There are no surprises. Keep in mind, though, you don't want to go too much younger, no matter what sex you are, or even if looking for a same sex relationship.

You'll age faster than your partner. How many people do you think would like to be a caregiver to an elderly spouse or significant other when they are only forty and you are eighty? And keep in mind, when you go out together, people assume you are your partner's father or mother. Or even grandparent. If you happen to have children together you are taken for a three or four generation family. If that doesn't bother you then go for it. Otherwise, pick on someone your own size, or rather, age.

How to Find Teenage Love: Will You Allow Your Children?

Teenagers. They are everywhere. You probably have a few in your home. And they might be wondering how to find teenage love. Will you allow your children to find love when they are teenagers? Or try to keep them from the opposite sex until they are fifty years old? Teenagers need to experience love in all forms - from "puppy love" (think Justin Bieber) to deep, mysterious, romantic love. Perhaps you think that the deeper forms of love are relevant or applicable only to adults? Not true. A sixteen year old has enough, if not more than enough, feelings and emotions to experience deep love. What if your teenager asked you how to find teenage love? Will you allow your children the courtesy of an answer? A real answer? Or will you just say something like, "Oh, there's NO such thing. Do your homework"?

Teenagers seek love from the opposite sex, and some from the same sex. Although they love their parents and siblings and pets, the love they are seeking is a deeper, more satisfying love. Something not supplied by family love. It has to do with growing up. Remember when you were a teenager? Perhaps you are one, and wondering how to find teenage love. Will you allow your children the same chances you wanted if you are a parent or a potential parent? If you are a teenager, finding love is not easy. You need someone who is willing to commit to you, and you can trust. Love is not a "first sight" thing, although many mistake initial attraction for love at first sight. Love develops through a developing relationship. It's not one sided, either. You may love someone, but if that someone doesn't love you back, it's only a half sided love. And that's never as good as being loved in return. Take your time. It's not impossible - just let a relationship bloom, first. If love is meant to be, it will happen. And for parents, same advice. Your teens deserve a chance to find true love and happiness in this lifetime. Just don't let your teen do anything foolish like rush into a teen marriage or teenage parenthood. That stuff can definitely wait!

How to Find Love at 40: What if You Are Not Pretty?

You are forty years old and wondering how to find love at 40. But what if you are not pretty? There's always Craig's List! Or Ebay. Seriously, though, finding love at 40 shouldn't be all that difficult. Love is not limited to age. Even if you are not pretty. Not every man is looking for a Britney Spears or Marilyn Monroe, although statistically, more are than aren't. But that also means that some aren't looking for a model, pretty woman, even one who is 40. If you happen to be rich, looks shouldn't matter at all. Money does. Being 40 and looking for love, even when you are not pretty, is easy if you are rich. Whoever said money can't buy love - I think it was the Beatles - was wrong. And what do the Beatles know? They are all rich! And they all found love! Which proves that money can buy love. It brought Paul McCartney plenty of love! Just look how much he had to shell out to his last wife!

But you are asking for how to find love at 40 if you are not pretty, and not rich, either. First of all, make yourself pretty. Forget the whole "beauty is only skin deep" crap. When you are 40 and looking for love, beauty is what attracts attention first. Then, once you've attracted love, your personality - shining and wonderful - can kick in so the guy says, "I love you because of your shining and wonderful personality!". At that time it's true. But the hook, initially, was your looks. Your pretty looks. So you need that hook in order to let a guy see how wonderful you are under all that makeup and hair dye. Once Mr. Wonderful sees that you are Ms. Wonderful, then you can wash away the makeup and hair dye, because he's already in love with the real you. You hope. Just don't wait until after the wedding to transform in to your ordinary, not always pretty, self. It's much easier to find divorce after 40 than love.