In the United States there is an estimated $10 billion dollars in unclaimed property. Over 26 million Americans have money waiting for them that is unclaimed. Here is how to find missing money.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Find Missing Money

To find missing money understand that in most cases missing money is unclaimed property; money and or other assets where the owner cannot be located. These include gift cards, the contents of bank and safety deposit boxes, uncashed checks, stocks, mutual funds, dividends, trust funds, unclaimed deposits, escrow accounts, uncashed checks, money orders, refunds and more.

Step 2

Check to find missing money by visiting the website is a national database endorsed by NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators)set up to help find missing money.

Step 3

At the site, put in your name and state. will search all participating States for you at one time. If you find missing money, follow the directions to go to the state's website and file a claim. Claims take about 4-16 weeks to process

Step 4

Most states are listed at the site. If your state is not go to to do an individual search on a state. Searching at and is an easy way to find missing money!

For more information on missing money including pensions, VA benefits, tax refunds and other unclaimed money visit

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