5 Tips to Saving Money

Money is where you Look for it...

I suppose many of you instantly thought of looking in the cushions of your couch or your car seats when you saw the title of this article. Well that does work sometimes, there are many other places you can look as well:

  1. Take a look at your phone plan – are you using the minutes on your cell-phone each month? If not see how much you can save by stepping your plan down a level. Do you receive most of your calls on your cell-phone or on you land-line? If you have both types of phones, you could easily cancel one and save $25 - $75 or more a month. Do you really need the $5.00 a month all-you-can-text charge (if you have teens – then you probably do – otherwise you can eliminate that as well). Savings $5 - $80 a month

  2. Redeem you credit card rewards points – Does your credit card earn you rewards points. Call the rewards number to see if you can redeem them or if you can apply the amount to your next payment. If you are not currently earning any rewards points, check to see if you qualify.

  3. Canceling your cable - with more services like Netflix for less then $10 a month, and sites such as Hulu.com and tv.com where you can watch plenty of tv shows online; and local tv channels that can be watched without cable; there is really no compelling reason to keep paying up to $70 a month for cable. If you cannot bring yourself to cancel your cable, you can look into bundling your cable, telephone, and internet in some pretty attractive packages. Call your cable company today for their package specials. Savings up to $840 a year.

  4. If you smoke; then quitting smoking can be a great bonus to your pocketbook. The price of a pack of cigarettes has been increasing year after year. To add insult to injury, many companies are not hiring individuals that smoke and most public places, indoors and outdoors, are now off-limits to smokers. A pack of cigarettes can cost as much as $5.00 depending on where you live. Savings $1825 a year if you smoke a pack a day. Benefit to you and your family – Priceless...

  5. Barter or Share instead of buying. You want to read the newest book by your favorite author or watch a movie that is newly released on DVD. Make friends with those with similar interests and trade books or DVDs. If you like to garden trade plant starts with other gardeners in your area. Try looking on your local freecycle (a yahoo group) and find items that you want that others want to discard or vice versa. Get a library card to your local library and check out the books you would otherwise buy – you can also read the most current periodicals at the library what a bargain. Savings – depends on how much you read.


These examples are intended to help encourage each and everyone to look for unexpected ways to save money.  I could  continue with list after list of ideas to save money. Found money is exactly where you look for it.