San Diego Zoo CouponsWhether you live in San Diego or are visiting, there are many great attractions to enjoy. Balboa Park, Coronado, La Jolla, LegoLand, and Seaworld are a few that offer visitors a great experience. However, San Diego's biggest attraction is the world famous San Diego Zoo. With over 800 species it is one of the largest zoos in the world. Because of this fame, a family trip to the zoo can cost well over $100. So follow these steps so you can find San Diego Zoo coupons and enjoy your visit for less!

Things You Will Need

Internet access, time, and follow up. ‚

Step 1

Determine the date or date range that you would like to visit the zoo. If you are flexible with your date and/or the day of the week that you would like to visit, your odds of getting the best discounts increase.

Step 2

Start browsing the internet for zoo coupons! There are a ton of offers that can be found online. However, be careful with different websites and stick with the well known sites such as the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. You don't want to buy tickets for a great price and then never receive them. The next few steps give a few specific places to look.

Step 3

Go to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce website. ‚ Look for "Discount Attraction Tickets" under the "Visitors Information" menu on the left side of the page. Click on that and search for the zoo. You can usually find discounts of 10% or so per ticket here.

Step 4

Go to the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau website. Click on the "Resources" link on the left side of the home page and then select "Coupons." Scroll through the available coupons or search for San Diego Zoo coupons using the keyword search.

Step 5

Visit Craigslist San Diego and search for zoo tickets for sale. This is where you can usually find the biggest discounts if someone has tickets but needs to sell them quickly. Lastly, pick up the local paper or magazines and search for San Diego zoo discount coupons or sales.

By following the steps above you can likely save a substantial amount, especially if you are with a family of 6! ‚ Keep in mind that some websites change their designs so you may need to use different menu options to find this information. ‚

Tips & Warnings

* ‚ Prepare for a long day at the zoo. There are so many attractions and animals to see that you can spend hours and hours there. There is also a great deal of walking involved so be prepared!

* ‚ Take pictures! ‚ This will be a memorable day, make sure you capture it on film or video.