Whether your new to the area or just looking for more outlets for your creative desires, here are some ways to find groups you can scrapbook with.

Piles and piles of paper and pictures are sitting around just waiting to be put together into something special. If this is a familiar concept for you, but you do not know where to find a group to scrapbook with here are some simple ways to find new crops. Jump in with both feet to find some time for your favorite creative outlet.


The online site Meetup.com is a great way to reach out and find new friends that share your passion for paper crafting. These groups sometimes are hosted by consultants with direct sales groups so be ready for those sponsors. Most of those who sponsor meetups will make sure to offer a pressure-free environment, even if direct sales consultants are there with their wares. Like the dating adage about there being many fish in the sea, there are many meetups offered so if you do not take to one group particularly well try out another one next time. If you have explored various meetups in your area but the times are not right or you do not want any sort of sales at the event you attend, consider creating your own meetup. The beauty of this is that you then get to set the rules you want and create the type of environment you prefer. Chances are good other scrappers will be looking for the same type of scenario and will join your meetups, too.

Online Communities Related to Your Town or Local Area

Check with your children’s schools or your community groups to see where there might be a forum to find like-minded people. Many close-knit communities are embracing social media and creating groups on platforms like Facebook that cater to the local groups needs and desires. By participating in one of these groups, you can find other scrapbookers in town who might want to get together even if just to trade ideas. Some of these local crafters may know about groups you are unaware of as well, serving as another resource to find new days and times where group crops are occurring. Mom’s groups are another great resource to find others who share your wish to create more crafty versions of your favorite memories. Even if you are not a mom, you can reach out to a mother’s group with a question via email or group messaging.

Scrapbooking Stores' Crop Nights

Even if the local scrapbook store is just a couple thousand square feet, chances are they either host or know where to find crop nights locally. While you are picking up more adhesive for your next project simply ask about the possibilities. Some great friendships start through store-based crop nights and you might even get the chance to get to know the owners of your local shop better. These crop nights are also convenient because they often serve dinner making it easier for you to camp out for the evening in one spot without having to waste valuable time hunting for your meal. Another great idea is to look around for events that are planned with your local craft stores. There are events like World Card Making Day, World Scrapbooking Day and others, which will spur special events from make-and-takes to complete weekends dedicated to paper crafting.