It is mind boggling that home websites are able to make money by requiring people looking for a job to pay up front in order to get leads for no-fee, work from home jobs. But let's face it, there's lots of costly time and effort going into the sifting of thousands of websites and job boards to find those key no-fee work from home jobs.

It is no secret that companies like and Monster are not specialists in finding the no-fee, work from home job. Don't waste your time sifting through these sites as they concentrate on typical jobs as well as those home based opportunities that ask for a fee.

But who has time to filter through mounds of junk so that you can find a lead on a work from home job? Here are some quick and easy ways to find those no-fee, work from home jobs without spending your cash and without wasting your time scrolling through message boards.

Avoid the Wrong Keywords

You can spend hours scrolling through websites looking for work if you put the wrong keywords into the search engine search box. If you punch in keywords like 'work from home', or 'work at home jobs' etc your likely to land on sites with shady characters who may or may not be running a legitimate business.

Watch out for anyone operating a business that is not on the up and up. As a freelance entrepreneur working online it's easy to get misled and easy to get taken for a ride. There's no trust built up when working for someone online, so you need to do a little homework at first to find legit companies willing to pay you for your time.

Use Work-Specific Keywords

By using professional, work specific keywords your more likely to land on some sites that are on the up and up. Examples of these keywords would be 'telecommuting', 'telework', 'virtual employee', 'outsource employee', 'freelancer', and 'independent contractor'.

When you learn the most effective keywords to use in your search you cut way down on the time you put into searching for no-fee, work from home jobs. These productive keywords effectively eliminate all of those junk results you might have normally spent valuable time sifting through, and worse-pursuing.

Put Your Search Engine Words in Quotation Marks

Another trick to narrowing down your search for quality no-fee work from home jobs is to put your search words in quotation marks. This is a great way to refine your search to quality sites that offer work without charging a fee.

If you've got the time to do your own search for jobs, or you just don't have the cash to pay someone else to do it for you, then make sure you search with the right keywords and you can eliminate a lot of those undesirable jobs, and clear the way to quality no-fee, work from home jobs.