Do you have a desire to work at home where it doesn't matter if you're in a suit or your PJ's? If you do, then here you will find several methods you can use to find online jobs that allow you to work without ever leaving the house

Things You Will Need

Internet connection and possibly a phone book

Step 1

Your first step in uncovering an opportunity, that will allow you to start working right out of your house, is to do an online search using the major search engines (i.e. Google and Yahoo). Some common search terms you could use that will at least get you started include (less the 13 18s): work-from-home-jobs, home-based-jobs, work-at-home-jobs, virtual-jobs, online-jobs.

Step 2

Next, if you know what kind of opportunity that you are looking for or wanting to get involved in - transcription, data entry, writing, research etc you can check the websites of companies that may utilize work from home employees or independent contractors such as: medical offices; call centers; any company offering its customers telephone customer service etc.

Step 3

Do a search on job sites and classifieds such as career builder, monster and Craigslist and look for online jobs or home based positions being offered. Be careful with sites like these as they are often ripe with scams and pyramid schemes, so just make sure to research any opportunity before getting on board. To get you started this site offers free and real work from home opportunities - simply select the type of work from home job you are interested in and you will be taken to a listing for several companies offering real work at home positions.

Step 4

Join in on forums that are focused around home-based opportunities such as Get to know the online community and you will be surprised at the leads that can be handed to you. This also gives you a chance to weed out many scams and fly by night gigs that you will want to avoid.

Step 5

Lastly, you can check sites, such as, Elance and guru which allow you to bid on opportunities that can be done directly from your house. They provide an extensive list of categories to help narrow down areas that are of the most interest and importance to you. Note:These sites may require paid membership, but often have some sort of free offer, as well.

Always thoroughly check out any new opportunity and be leery of anything that asks for a fee. If you find something that looks interesting do an online inquiry for reviews of the site, product or job. Don't be afraid to bring this up on a work from home forum as you are sure to find that your fellow work at home moms and dads are willing to give you a lot of in-depth information on an assortment of work from home opportunities. 

Tips & Warnings

Avoid opportunities that request an upfront fee for consideration or to get on board. The only fee's that should be associated with an opportunity and often these are covered by the company are expenses to cover background checks.