Payroll calculators assist you in understanding how deductions, taxes paid, and other employee programs affect your net pay. Every year there are tax categories revised along with changes in your benefits and you need to be aware of how all of this will affect your bottom line. If you need help to determine how these changes will affect your take home pay use one of these free paycheck calculators available on the Internet.

PAYCHECKCITY.COM - THE PAYCHECK CALCULATOR allows you to enter your salary, your individual states tax information, and a section for your voluntary deductions. Use the HOURLY PAYCHECK CALCULATOR to find out your net or "take home pay" by entering your wage information along with the pertinent Federal, State and local W-4 information. THE PROFESSIONAL CALCULATOR has enhanced features including stock options, bonuses, 401k calculator and has a virtual W4 assistant to guide you through filling out your W4 appropriately. Other calculators include Form W-4 Assistant, Gross up Calculator, 401(k) Planner, Bonus and Stock Option Calculators and a Canadian Paycheck Calculatorâ„¢.

SURE PAYROLL provides free online payroll calculators that generates hourly net pay or take home pay. The calculators are easy to use and this website has links to each individual states page. These pages include information about that states tax withholding, benefits, and other helpful links so you can be informed, not surprised when you receive your first check from a company in a different state.

PAYROLLTAXES.COM- a variety of handy tools to help you to research what your approximate take home pay will be. Along with their payroll calculators is a search feature for your convenience while researching, informative articles, and helpful links.

ADP CALCULATORS AND TOOLS assist with critical computations such as personal salary, retirement, and investment decisions.. The Pre-Employment Services assists with computing costs for new hires and all the expenses that follow and automates tasks such as ordering office equipment and supplies, managing security access and collecting information on the new hire. There is also a Bad Hire Calculatorâ„¢ to determine the cost of employee turnover.

Financial Calculators is a simple webpage with a 'gross to net' paycheck calculator accompanied by definitions and finishes with Withholding Rate information.

  • Every penny you earn, in todays tight economy, is money you want to end up in your pocket and benefiting you. With the ever changing tax charts, payroll deductions, and other employee benefit costs using the free payroll calculator will assist you in knowing how much will be in your payroll check.
  • The online calculators do not provide you any final carved in stone information These payroll calculators are for your research and understanding what is taken out of your payroll check before you receive it.