While many websites claim to offer a free people or company search, very few keep their promises. There's usually a fee attached somewhere along the way. While Searchbug.com does have some paid features, the site also has a plethora of free information available. Whether searching for a person or a company's address and phone number, Searchbug.com can be a useful tool.

First visit Searchbug.com.

On the homepage you can put in a person's name to search for their contact information. If you know the city and/or state they live in, you can enter that on the home page as well. If the site finds a listing it will give you their address and phone number (if their phone number is unlisted).

You can find the same information on companies. On the home page, switch your search criteria over to company. You'll get the same information along with any reviews on the companies.

There's an additional feature you can use under the company tab. If you're looking for a type of company in a certain city or state, you can search for that instead of a specific business name. For example, you can search for Italian Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona and you'll get a listing.

From the Searchbug homepage you can also find many other options. You can look up area codes, zip codes, find out if a number is a cell or a landline, do a reverse phone number or reverse address lookup, as well as verify a mailing address.

While there are many paid options on the site, there are too many useful free options available to pass this one up. Everything I've mentioned is part of the free service offered at Searchbug.com. It's a great resource for a number of different searches.