If you have ever wanted to own your own pool hall, then there has never been a better opportunity. With the economy in its current state, many pool halls have gone on the market at a very reasonable cost.

Many of these pool halls will not make you rich, however if you are willing to work long hours managing the pool hall yourself, then you may earn enough to allow you to simply operate the pool hall full time.

You can always start your own pool hall from scratch but if you want a turnkey pool hall that is ready for business with already established clientele then look to purchase an already established pool hall.

You can find many types of pool halls for sale. You can purchase pool halls that have a lot of floor space and the newest in pool tables. You can also purchase old pool halls that will need some refurbishing and updating. The best thing about purchasing an old pool hall that needs some refurbishing is that you can usually purchase the pool hall for less money and after you refurbish it, you can usually attract some new clientele to come play pool along with the regular players.

The best way to start looking for a pool hall for sale is to use the internet. There are many websites that specialize in listing companies for sale. Among all of these websites you will be able to find some pool halls for sale.

Another excellent place to find pool halls and billiard halls for sale is any pool related forums. You can sometimes find a pool hall that was newly listed for sale, but more importantly, you can network with pool player enthusiasts.

Many of the active members on the pool forums will actively help you find a pool hall for sale. These pool insiders can sometimes know when their local pool hall may be coming up for sale due to the owner's retirement, financial trouble, or any other reason they may be selling the billiard hall.

When considering a pool hall to buy, you also need to look at not just the location and reputation, but also any real property that may be involved in the sale. Will you be purchasing a pool hall business along with an actual building or are you simply buying the pool business and the building is leased?

You need to investigate carefully and decide for yourself why the current owner is selling the pool business. A lot of times the owner may be retiring or is simply burned out on working 13 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you are purchasing a small pool hall then you need to consider if you are planning on actually working the pool hall yourself or not. Small pool halls can be profitable is it is a husband wife combo that runs it. If you are planning on being an absentee owner of a pool hall then a small pool hall may actually cause you too lose money each month.

Owning your own pool hall can be a great alternative to a more traditional business. Even if you are a pool playing enthusiast who lives and dies billiards, you need to realize that running billiards hall can be very intensive both physically and mentally.