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Among a plethora of evening dining possibilities and opportunities, Chili's famous Grill and Bar has solidified itself as a family favorite because of combination of both a fun, aesthetically pleasing family atmosphere along with it's delectable mouth watering menu. When on encounters the big bold red lit-up sign adorning the top of this great restaurant, whether a casual pedestrain or an eager driver, can't help buy take notice. With an elaborate marketing plan that embodies the spices this fast growing food restaurant chain has become notorious for, a diner at Chili's Grill and Bar can rest assured, no doubt, that their amazing menu will pack a powerful punch of options that are suitable for both the heat longing taste-buds, as well as the more sensitive ones (but, who in their right mind would go to Chili's for mild alternative counterparts, anyway?) 

Where their gigantic self-branded red spicy chili embodies the spice that Chili's diners hope to have injected into both their lives, as well as their food, one can expect an exceptional assorted menu of everything from salads (Caribbean, etc) to their infamous baby back ribs and juicy mouth watering burgers. Unfortunately, with the increasing cost of dining out, along with a society that appears to be collectively boot strapping, it is entirely possible to eat out at Chili's with entirely free printable Chili's coupons. 

You may ask, "How do I find these free printable Chili's coupons?". Fortunately, you have come to the right place, as this Info Barrel articles will show you exactly the steps you should take to find these coupons.


Things You Will Need

a Computer
an Appetite
a Printer and Printer Paper

Step 1

Just by simply visiting Chili's website, at, you can rest assured that you will have a variety of options to familiarize yourself with this company, it's brand, it's menu, and, of course, it's coupons that are in hot demand. You can visit Chili's website be either typing the URL into your browse URL address box, or by clicking on the link I have provided in the previous sentence. Similar to the functionality of many other restaurant websites, at Chili's website you can find Chili's restaurant locations, it's menu, and you can shop for merchandise and gift cards.

Step 2

Even though Chili's does offer an outstanding dining experience, and great food at affordable prices, who would really turn down a great coupon offer? Fortunately, prior to taking your entire family out for an evening dining session at Chili's famous Grill and Bar, you can receive printable Chili's coupons just by registering/joining Chili's Email Club. In order to do this easily, you will have to have an email account, with a service such Yahoo or Gmail, and you will have to be willing to submit your email address to Chili's.

Step 3

Submission of your email address can be made expeditiously, in return for your coupons, just by visiting Chili's website homepage and 'clicking-on' the tab "Email Club" on the top right. As with all website navigation, you can either click on this tab, or you can simply cut and paste this URL, in order to be directed straight to Chili's "Email Club" Opt-in form: (or, of course, you can just "click" on it here in this Info Barrel article).

Step 4

Upon opening up Chili's email Opt-in form, in order to receive your free Chili's printable coupon and "Pepper in Some Exclusive Offers", you will have to supply Chili's with the following information: First name, Last name, Email, Zip Code, Birthday, Favorite Chili's Restaurant Location, and your Mobile Phone Number. While it is listed, in accordance with Chili's opt-in form, your Mobile Phone Number box is not "starred" and is therefore not mandatory (it is optional) to give, if you are uncomfortable with giving it.

Step 5

Once you fill out all the necessary information, and submit Chili's email club opt-in form, you will now have to log into your email account in order to confirm your email registration with the link they have provided to you. With new, cutting-edge, email SPAM controls in place, it is highly possible that this email link could actually be delivered to the SPAM section/folder of your email account. For something so important, it would be highly recommended that, at least until you receive this confirmation email, you closely monitor your SPAM email box, as well. You have come this far, and to miss out on a free printable Chili's coupon, this late in the game, would be a shame.

Step 6

Within the email you receive from Chili's, that you signed-up using for Chili's Email Club, you will get a coupon for a completely free Chips and Queso. Typically, the delivery of this email could happen immediately to as long as 48 hours. While a 48 hour email delivery isn't necessarily common, do not fret or get anxious if you have not received your coupon immediately. Once again, it will be important to monitor your SPAM inbox just in case delivery of your coupon email is sent to it.

Not only is Chili's a great place to take your family out dining, but there can definitely be some great perks, benefits, and advantages to being a registered member of Chili's email club list. For starters, giving them your email in their opt-in form now allows them to keep in contact with you with regards to potential future promotional offers. If you are a big fan of Chili's restaurant and menu selections, you will certainly not want to miss any specials that you can receive, as an added benefit of being a member of their email list.

Tips & Warnings

Because many famously frequented restaurants offer a similar coupon receipt procedure, by registering with your email address online on their website, it may really be a great idea to actually set up a whole different email account just to accomodate the inflow of various promotional offers, and free printable coupons, that you receive from various companies. After you receive your coupon from Chili's, you can now proceed to either use it or begin registering with the sites of other restaurant's as well.

As with any coupon you may receive anywhere, it is important that you use it before it expires.

Also, The following information can be found at the bottom of Chili's email club opt-in form online on their website:

"*Free Chips & Queso offer redeemable with purchase of an entrée.
We promise never to rent or sell your personal information and you can unsubscribe at any time. Must be 18 years or older to join." 
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