Wouldn't you like to live in one of the best 100 small cities in the United States? Then look no further than Rocklin, CA. Located just one half hour from Sacramento in north central California, Rocklin California is a small to medium sized tree lined community in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. This year, Rocklin was named one of America's 100 Best Small Cities by Money Magazine.

Rocklin, California boasts a highly educated community, in which more than 77% of its adult residents have attended college. The crime rate is very low, well below the national average. The school system is excellent, with 94% of its pupils attending public schools. In higher education, there are 5 universities and colleges within a 30 mile drive. It is the home to Sierra College and several universities are just a short drive in Sacramento. Job growth in Rocklin over the past decade is well above the national average, and the median household income is substantially higher than the California state average.

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For those raising families, or those who just like to enjoy nature, there are over 30 parks in the city limits and with a temperate climate, you will be able to make full use of all. Nearby 18,000 acre Folsom Lake provides camping, boating, hiking water skiing and picnicking opportunities. Lake Tahoe is less than 100 miles to the east. One of our nation's finest national parks, Yosemite National Park, it located just a few hours away, and makes for a perfect weekend getaway, or a closer-to-home vacation.

The average work commute time for Rocklin CA residents is 22 minutes. If you are working in and around the Sacramento area, Rocklin California is a short commute. From skilled labor to high tech and service industries, the Rocklin area may have the right opportunity for your career change and job relocation. Consider your opportunities here, and while doing so, consider the quality of life in Rocklin California as compared to many other communities around the country.

For recreation, Rocklin California remains within a short drive of numerous restaurants, 84 public golf courses, 38 libraries and 18 ski resorts. For shopping, the Galleria in Rosedale provides many of your needs, and the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento provides 165 retail stores. For those needing a team to root for, the Sacramento area provides pro and major college sports teams. With all of these recreational opportunities and central location, the quality of life in Rocklin, California is unsurpassed in the United States.

Rocklin CA real estate is reasonably priced, far below most metropolitan areas in California. With a median home price of $252, 250, it is nearly half of areas such as San Francisco, San Jose and Anaheim. There are hundreds of current listings for Rocklin CA real estate, with homes as low as $110,000. Homes for sale in Rocklin are well cared for, with many building styles available, and including Spanish-American, farm home, ranch homes, condos and executive homes. Tiled roofs, stucco siding, well landscaped and manicured grounds, large drives, multiple car garages and tree lined streets await you.

There are currently more than 325 single family homes for sale, with more than 200 listed in the $200-400,000 price range. Many of these homes are of newer construction, built to the specifications of the latest building codes, and contain the latest amenities, such as granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and tile flooring. The real estate market is good in Rocklin but medium priced homes at below market or at market prices are beginning to move fast, so the opportunity is now to purchase real estate in Rocklin.

There are many 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes available, perfect for anyone raising a family. There is a home to fit everyone's taste in Rocklin CA, and a home for nearly everyone's budget. There are thousands of communities in the 50,000 to 300,000 population range, but only 100 made Money Magazine's top 100 list. Rocklin CA is proud to be a part of that list, and believes the listing is well deserved.

You can never underestimate or discount the quality of life in your community, no matter what your career path holds. When choosing a job opportunity, the quality of life of the surrounding community is high on nearly everyone's list. This includes not only income rates, but crime rate, climate, the quality of schools, real estate prices, higher education opportunities and recreational possibilities. Rocklin California is well above the national average in most of these categories. You and your family deserve to live in a community that provides the best of all of these worlds. Not only will you purchase a home you can cherish for years to come, but you can become a part of a community you can be proud to call home.