Out of Print Books: Rare Antique Titles

Out of print books may be difficult to obtain when seeking a specific title, however most are available after a thorough search. Even relatively new books may no longer be run through the presses, and will be simpler to locate than older ones. Very rare antique books of course will be much more difficult to find and more expensive to purchase.

Locating Out of Print Books

Locating out of print books is much easier online than through any other search method, however other options are available. Searching at estate sales, second hand bookstores and some antique shops will provide a local start. Many online sites feature both rare and out of print books or may have them as a sideline to new ones.

When searching and locating out of print books you may be seeking titles by a popular author or a specific book title. Another option particularly for people who are purchasing and reselling on sites such as amazon and ebay is to purchase entire lots or boxes of books at auctions then listing them either as sets or individually. They generally research the value of the books including ones which are no longer in print and will list them either alone or as a set to move a few of the ones which are worth less along with them.

Typing either the phrase "out of print books" or the specific title or author a combination of the two into the search engine should bring back sites which either carry that book or may help in the search. Sites are also available where a user may post a request for a specific title or author who is no longer in print.

Shopping for Out of Print Books

Depending upon the age and availability of the book wanted there may be several from which to choose. Many sites such as amazon will list different options, such as the quality and condition of the book and both soft and hardcover editions which may be listed for sale. Depending upon where the book is purchased and through what method the shipping and handling fees as well as insurance may be included. If the book is a very rare out of print edition be certain to insure it for its full value in case it is lost or ruined in the shipping process.

Local shopping options include estate sales and second hand stores which may have catalogued out of print books or they may be randomly placed on the shelves. An often over looked source is the local library which in many towns and cities sell off some of their older books as well as books of which they have additional copies on hand.

Pricing Out of Print Books

Pricing out of print books can be a difficult task particularly for older and very rare editions as there may be very few still in existence. Books which have been autographed by the author or in some instances are first copy hardback may have a higher value than a paperback edition. With newer books which are simply no longer in print there may be more to choose from and comparing prices online may be a quite simple task, most will list the condition of the book and whether it hard or soft copy. For example many Stephen King paperbacks which are no longer in print but are a relatively new book and produced in a large quantity can be purchased in the 4 dollar range. The rarer book called "The King Ranch" from 1957 which is almost 900 pages long and hardcover is offered for 160 dollars online. Charles M. Russell's book entitled "Good Medicine: Memories of the Real West" in an average condition hardback can be purchased in a range from 19 to 30 dollars online. For books such as this and the Stephen King one comparison pricing is easier than with the rarer one from the 1950's. The cost of purchasing out of print books may lead well into the thousands of dollars per title depending upon the individual book.

In some instances it is possible to even rent out of print books however the person renting is entirely responsible if something happens to the book and generally will be required to provide a credit card to do so. Caring for the book whether it has been purchased for resale, rented or for the pleasure of reading is like any other book use a bookmark rather than splaying the spine and do not allow water or moisture to destroy the pages of an out of print book so that it will retain its value.