Am I The Only One Who Misses 80s Cartoons?

After I had children, I went on a never ending mission to find retro cartoons and 80s TV shows for my children to watch. While it took a bit of effort and searching, I was able to get the sweet 80s cartoon shows that I was looking for. After watching some of the junk that is broadcast on television for our children to watch, you really can't blame me for going into retro mode when selecting material for my kids to watch on a Saturday morning. Some of the things that come out of the mouths of today's cartoon characters are enough to make me blush. Of course, monkey see, monkey do and before I know it I have a living room full of children mimicking exactly what they watched on television. It is obvious that somewhere along the line, everyone has decided to throw good television out the window. Gone are the TV shows that always had a moral lesson or something positive to learn. Now, today's cartoons consists of more manipulation, hatred and violence than I care to watch. This is what encouraged me to take matters into my own hands to find retro cartoons for kids.

I hope I'm not the only one who still appreciates the Smurfs, G.I. Joe, She-Ra Princess of Power and the Snorks. And what about Punky Brewster, Alf, and of course, Harry and the Hendersons? Ok, well the latter weren't necessarily cartoons, but you get the idea. These TV shows were family-friendly, clean and usually had something good to learn at the end of the segment. If you're wondering where to find these classic TV shows, I'll tell you how I found them.

How to Find Retro TV Cartoons for Kids

I started my search by looking around on the Internet to see what was available. Of course, as I suspected, there are many of these retro shows available for purchase on eBay. They were very reasonably priced, and of course, were available on VHS. Do you remember VHS tapes? I do. VHS tapes were great; you could leave a stack of them out for the kids to watch and never had to worry about fingerprints, accidental drops or scratches ruining the tape. Unlike today's DVDs, VHS tapes can withstand a considerable amount of abuse and are kid friendly.

I also started frequenting swap meets and garage sales in my local area. As it turned out, garage sales had plenty of old retro cartoons on VHS tape available for purchase. I was lucky enough to get a whole bunch of Smurf cartoon VHS tapes for just $.25 apiece! I couldn't believe it, I almost felt guilty buying them for that price. The lady running the garage sale said that they had just been collecting dust and that she couldn't wait to get rid of them. Other local garage sales turned up similar results. Garage sales are great place to find these types of things. I have to warn you, though- some of these tapes might be a bit icky, so be prepared to clean them up a bit once you get them.

There's one other place where I was able to find tons of retro cartoons. My local video rental store! They had so many VHS tapes for purchase in the back that they don't use anymore due to everyone switching to DVDs. I was lucky enough to have my choice and it was difficult to walk away without buying everything that they had. I feel a little bit of searching and a few dollars spent is a small investment in helping to ensure that the influences around my children are as positive as possible. Retro 80s cartoons are one small step in the right direction.