Robots for Sale

There was a time when robots are still a far-fetched, overly imaginative idea that exists in science fiction novels, comic books, and animation shorts. In those modes of fiction, robots for sale were much like those of a car which has many functions or a house that can shrink into pocket-sized capsules or a mechanized butler able to do a myriad of tasks almost instantly. The creation of the robot is a result for humanity's desire to achieve and finish a lot of work while using the fewest amounts, if there is a need for such, of energy as possible. Also, back then people are looking forward to the possibility of a mechanized world where robots and humans live together harmoniously.

The concept of futurama is, as of today, still a little bit too advanced even after considering all development we experienced recently. Still, robots and robotics is limited to mainly science fairs, heavy industry, and children's playthings. But the way the present robots are utilized, there is hope for a mass usage of these mechanical beings. Robots – at least the small ones – are now starting to get hold of the market: some as toys and some are for fruit-picking. But if we speak about robots for sale in the context of at least the science fair variety, it is still niche, but slowly expanding, commerce.

What is a robot?

The word 'robot' takes different meanings and connotations that depend on people's understanding of it. Robotics engineers view robots as cognitive machines that can make their own decisions, navigate about freely, and have their own sense of adaptability that depends on environmental factors. Other criteria for defining a robot can also include ability to comprehend human language. On the other hand, laymen or regular people define a robot as something anthropomorphized or zoomorphized and can move ably without help.


Robots for sale are most common as service robots and children toys. Service robots exist for domestic use. Some of these are automated drink servers, vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. A lot of these mechanized things relieve the human from doing dirty work, or shortening workloads and/or expending less energy. Other robots for sale entertain people, like Sony's AIBO – Artificial Intelligence Robot – which looks like a robotic pet dog and can participate in robotic soccer tournaments; some can be toy cars or boats that require simple assembly. There are robots that assist the elderly in doing everyday activities like taking medications and have an ability to recognize speech. These robots are primarily sold in Japan. Fruit-picking robots help farmers in harvesting ripe fruits and cost less than a team of human pickers.

If you happen to own a profitable industrial company, you might want to take a look at industrial robots for sale. Industrial robots usually consist of an arm and an end effector, forming a pulley as a result. End effectors are tools attached to the arm and serve the robot's main purpose. Depending on the nature of their work, these include grips, welders, cutters, and spray guns. These robots are usually present at automobile factories, in food processing factories and computer parts manufacturers. Robots make mass production better as these outperform the human in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy; sometimes robots perform at higher levels for ratios up to one robot for ten human workers.

Very expensive robots for sale are available as bomb defusing robots that greatly reduce the risk of accidental bomb deaths due to mistakes in defusing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Medical robots are also available. Several are of great help in surgery, where a surgeon operates one; robots reduce risk to patients as a result of its accurate movements and shorten patient recovery time. Some help in medical laboratories in getting samples from patients – such as blood – to processing of these samples for calculations. Laboratory robots reduce human error as a result of incorrect diagnosis through fast, accurate calculations.

How to get deals for robots?

A great venue for you to look up for inexpensive robots for sale for kids is The website features simple robots that do not require soldering; these small machines are great for small children to play with. A solar robot car and a robot grasshopper can cost as less as $8.95. There are also soldering kits available if you are quite advanced in electronics and able to understand circuits. Available used industrial robots can cost for at least $30,000 for a FANUC industrial robot in


The desire for a more comfortable living and faster production is made possible today by current robots for sale, though a lot of tests and continuous research to produce fully beneficial robots are still being made. When that time comes, we can live the way fiction novels and cartoons depict future life.