Are you trying to look taller?

Altitude has a lot to do with attitude, but the right shoes can really help. We all know that not all people are blessed with height. There are lots of people that are below average height. But first and foremost, you should always remember to take pride in yourself. If you are constantly berating your lack of height, the negative thoughts will have an adverse affect on your life. Remember, there isn't a shortage of short people that lead totally normal lives and their height does not seem to put them at any disadvantage because they have ability in other areas.

Here are some tips buying shoes for short men and short women that will make you seem taller than you actually are.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

It is easiest to buy shoes to make yourself taller if you are a female. If you're female and trying to find shoes that make you look taller - just wear heels. The majority of womens' shoes come in a variety of sizes, including different size heels. A good cobbler can also tack on a rubber layer over the bottom of shoes to further increase height of the shoe. While this rubber layer is mainly to protect the shoe, it has been known to add 1-2 centimeters to a woman's height.

Step 2

Men have a slightly more difficult time finding shoes that can increase height. If you're male and trying to find shoes to increase your height - look for shoes that have a bigger heel.

Dress shoes traditionally come with larger heels. Boots also work well in more casual settings. If you're in the market for a more casual tennis shoe, the nike air force one has large heel as well.

Step 3

Insoles can supplement the height of your shoes and make you look taller. Using an insole with your shoes can add 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch to your height.

Step 4

If none of these shoe solutions gives you the height you're looking for - consider investing in a pair of elevator shoes. Most shoe companies make elevator shoes for men and elevator shoes for women. Elevator shoes are essentially designed to look like normal shoes from the outside, but provide significant lift on the inside. These special shoes are guaranteed to add 3 - 3.5 inches to your height.

While as adults, we can't physically grow any taller. Don't let this stop you from achieving your goals. Follow these simple cosmetic tips or purchase some tall man shoes to dramatically improve people's perception of how tall you really are.

Tips & Warnings

Consider wearing hats, maintaining upswept hair, or anything else that might make you look taller.
Avoid thick, wide belts or anything obviously horizontal, which will make you appear shorter.
Avoid going places where you have to remove your shoes. People might see that you're wearing insoles or elevator shoes and mock you.