If you have been trying to find someone that you used to know online or just trying to find an old friend that you would like to be in contact with again, I have some tips that may help you in your search.

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection

Step 1

First you are going to want to spend a moment thinking about the person. Consider any details you can recall about their personality, such as nicknames, favorite sayings, maybe even try to remember a middle initial. If you know their birthday this may also help in aiding to find them. Try to recall certain aspects of their personality, likes, dislikes and/or quirks about the person.

Step 2

Open up your internet provider page. Go to google.com and type in the name of the person that you would like to find. See what comes up in the search. If you do not get much on that search try using the nickname of the person you are looking for.

Step 3

Next step is to type in an old email address that they used to have without the domain name into the search engine. Often times, people like to keep an old email address for as long as possible even they have changed domains. If you find several people with the same name, open up the internet page and see if anything looks familiar. Sometimes people carry their personality with them online, even if they try not to do this.

Step 4

Use social site search engines. Facebook is an awesome place to find people you used to know especially if you went to school or work with them. Click on the search engine tab on Facebook, include the name of the individual that you are looking for along with the place of work or school that you attended together, include the year to narrow the search. Bigfoot.com and myspace are other places online where you can search for a lost friend or old acquaintance.

Step 5

If all else fails you can pay someone to find your friend via the internet. There are numerous companies that will search for your lost friend or loved one if you pay a fee for their services. You can find one of these companies using your search engine. If you are going to pay a missing friend service to look for the person you want to find, be sure to read there website thoroughly. You want to be sure they are a legit company before handing over any of your hard earned money.

Step 6

Do not give up hope. You may not be successful in your first search, do not give up hope. Keep trying different approaches or repeat these steps again until you have found the person you are looking for.

Good Luck with your searching for someone endeavors.

Tips & Warnings