Find Someone with Reverse Lookup

Many people want to know how to find someone using their cell phone. In fact, most people only have one main number today, and that is their mobile phone. In year's past, people had a fixed line and maybe a wireless number.

But today, finding someone by just their wireless number is rather easy and simple. There are so many resources online which make this possible. In fact, if the person you are looking for, also has a business, the simplest way, may be to just google the number and see what comes up.

Luckily, locating someone just with their cell phone number is very possible.

 Find Someone by their Mobile Phone Number

    • Go to This is a pretty popular people directory online.

    • Press the option of the main page to do a reverse look up. And enter in the person's cell phone number. Press the search option.

    • Retrieve the list of possible results that contain the wireless number.
    • Alternatively, you can use just about any people finder online, which is now integrated with many online number directories.

    You can also just search on many white page internet directories using a person's first and last name if known. Today, it's a whole lot easier locating people online particularly if you only have a wireless number.

     Remember that the first six numbers in a person wireless phone number may tip you off as to where they live. The first six numbers are called the NPA-NXX. The NPA is typically the state of the cell phone and the NXX is the city.

    Just this information can lead you in a good direction on the town the person is located in or where the person got the cell phone from, if you aren't able to locate a person using their cell phone in a reverse number directory.

     So there are a host of ways to find anyone just using their cellphone or mobile number. Reverse directories are actually an invaluable tool to finding information regarding where a person is located. The easiest way to finding someone online by using their cell phone, is just plugging in the numbers in a search tool. If the person is a business owner and uses their phone for work and personal, you might be very surprised to know that you could probably locate them easily.

     Of course, the most popular way is still reverse look-ups.

     Good luck in your search.

     Has anyone ever been successful in finding someone using their cell phone?