There are times when a person needs to find someone's assets. Often times people get into contractual disputes and have even one judgments in court against others, but there is no way to collect on a judgment if you aren't aware of what they own.

Let's also face the fact that sometimes people hide their assets other times you need to do some skip tracing to figure out where a person has gone and what they own so that you can collect on a debt or attach a lien to someone's property.

This can be difficult when the person or their property frankly doesn't want to be found. People can have some tricky ways in going about hiding what they own, including putting valuable assets in other people's names.

 This article already assumes that you've won a judgment in court or will likely win one. Because without a court ordered judgment, you won't be able to recover your money.

And I realize other times people are just curious about what someone actually owns.

Either way and under whatever circumstances finding out who owns what and where is relatively easy.

I would give just a friendly reminder that under federal law (Federal Credit Reporting Act -Section 6-FCRA) a you are not allowed to make credit decisions or hiring decisions based on property and asset information found online and without a person's knowledge or consent.

 Recover Someone's Assets

Before you make a recovery of someone's assets you first need to find what a person owns, be it real property, cars, land, businesses etc.

 Here are a list of ways to help you find out what a person owns for recovery purposes

  1. Go to a popular site like, This website is not just a people finder website. It's also a background checking website and can even locate assets and businesses owned by a person in their state of residence. It even queries state databases to search for professional licenses like real estate and even physicians.

  2. Click on the “Professional” tab at the top of the page. And scroll down to “Asset Finder”. There you will see the ability to search for aircraft, general assets, real estate, USCG vessels and water craft.

  3. Put in the person's last name and enter in other fields appropriate. You can even search multi-state databases as well. Once you enter in that information, you will be asked to register for the site. Please be aware that the site is a paid site. I found it helpful however in doing searches when I was looking for my father. The asset search fee starts at $6.95 for a single search.

  4. Check county courthouse records of where the person lives to extract information on real property, land and any possible business holdings that must be registered with the state. Do an internet search on the county the person lives in and then follow the directions when entering in their name.

 There are a host of other paid services as well when looking for assets a person holds. If you are really motivated and don't want to do it yourself, you could hire an investigator who is trained in locating people and assets for recovery purposes.

 But all in all, finding someone's assets online is possible if you know where to search and what you are looking for.