Selling scrap gold is an ideal and honest way to make fast money, but the challenge for many is finding enough items to generate the cash they need. People are often surprised to learn of the numerous sources of scrap gold around them. If you're looking for sources of scrap gold to sell for cash, here are some pointers.

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Broken Gold Jewelry

Consider getting rid of any broken pieces of jewelry, such as chains and watches. Some people decide to sell their class rings since they don't wear them anymore.

Others sell their former marriage rings or jewelry from ex-boyfriends. Pocket watches, broaches, tie tacs and tie bars are other pieces of jewelry that you can turn into cash.Unwanted Jewelry: Good Sources of Scrap GoldCredit:

It does not matter if the piece is damaged, as scrap gold is melted down and recycled. If the jewelry you would like to sell has a valuable stone, it's a good idea to have it removed. Scrap gold buyers won't compensate you for the stone's value.

Gold Knick-knacks and Decor Objects

Look for decor items, such as candleholders, vases, and picture frames containing the precious metal. If you like to attend estate sales, you can find other gold items, such as tea pots, serving platters, and chandeliers. Flea markets are another place where you can find items to turn into cash. Decorative objects sold at flea markets are often inlaid with gold designs. Yard sales are another place where you might find scrap gold. Because the metal can tarnish over time, gold objects are often not appreciated and sold for pennies.

Other Sources of Gold

  • Due to the fact that gold is a non-corrosive electronic conductor, the metal is often found in electronic devices, such as cell phones and circuit boards.
  • Offer to clean your dentist's office and collect the scrap gold. The metal is often used in false teeth. Small scrap pieces are often disposed of. Why not ask if you can collect it for recycling?

Identifying Gold Objects

  • Use a magnet. If the magnet attracts the object, it's not real gold, as the metal is not magnetic.
  • Rub the object with a piece of jewelry cleaning cloth. If the color rubs off, it's fake.
  • Gold is a soft metal. To test an object, prick the object with a pin. If it's fake gold, the pin will likely break, as fake gold is hard.

Finding sources of scrap gold is a matter of remaining alert and looking around you. Gold sources are more abundant than you think. If you enjoy going to flea markets, estate sales or yard sales, you're likely to find scrap gold items. Carry a magnet with you. If the item pulls toward the magnet, walk away, it's not gold because real gold is not magnetic.

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