With the sunshine and the year-round warm temperatures Southern California provides, it's the perfect destination for many people on vacation. San Diego, Los Angeles and Huntington Beach are popular cities with each boasting a variety of events and attractions for visitors to enjoy. In fact one of the hardest parts of planning a vacation to Southern California is finding out about all the different activities to determine which ones you want to participate in. Fortunately there are several different ways to learn about the attractions offered by Southern California.

Things You Will Need

Internet Access

Step 1

Visit the official website for tourism in California. Tourism is a major industry in California as many people flock to the state each year to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the many activities the state has to offer. The California Travel and Tourism Commissions website has a special section dedicated to attractions in southern California.

Step 2

Check out the tourism website operated by the state of California. The state government in California operates its own tourism page on the state website. While you can't search for activities or events specifically in southern California, you can link to organizations with a specific purpose that do allow you to search. For example, the museum link on the state of California's tourism webpage takes you to the International Council of Museums, which does allow a search for museums by geographic areas in California.

Step 3

Look for special attractions on travel sites. A number of travel industry websites now include information about major attractions available at popular vacation destinations. With southern California serving as a Mecca for people who want to enjoy the year-round sunshine, warm temperatures and beaches, many travel sites now contain information about the different attractions available. Some also sell tickets to these attractions on their website which may mean you can get a special package rate on them by combining them with your hotel or air travel.

Step 4

Visit the tourism websites of cities in southern California. Finally you have the option to find attractions in southern California by visiting local cities' convention and visitors bureau websites. This is more time consuming since there are a multitude of sites, but it allows you to focus in on activities and attractions in a specific city where you'll most likely spend most of your time. San Diego, Orange County, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach are just some of the Southern California cities and counties that have tourism websites dedicated to their area.


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