Online shopping is a great way to find amazing deals on designer clothes and accessories. If you have time to search the internet for designer clothes that you love then getting them in discounted prices from 70% - 85% on certain designer items is not impossible. There are many web sites designed to cater for your needs when it comes to apparel and accessories.

When you buy online, just remember to read all the fine print with regards to shipping charges or taxes because this can affect the savings that you'll have for purchasing any designer clothing. It's important to find out whether the online store has a return policy for the items that you're going to buy.

Many online shoppers who had experienced shopping designer garments with accompanying items online could attest that some web sites selling these things offer more big discounts compared to the prices of apparel and accessories for men and women found at clothing boutiques and department stores. 

Many people want to buy designer clothes and accessories because if you look closely at them, you'll see how carefully they are being made. You can also notice the quality of materials that were used that is why when you wear them, you can feel a significant amount of comfort that ordinary clothing can't provide.

Designer clothing is made with a huge amount of time so that when it is being sold, it can prove the quality of its name brand. This is the reason why attention to every detail is one of the manufacturer's priority. If you want to purchase designer shoes, check whether they are made with the highest quality materials that will last for several years. Many women love designer handbags that are meticulously created with fine materials because they can use it longer due to its durability and give them a luxurious stylish appearance.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Time to research online
  • The desire to shop
  • credit/debit card for payment
  • A list of trusted web stores or retailers that feature cheap but authentic designer clothes
    • 1

      Surf the web and look for popular and trusted online retailers that feature the cheapest but authentic designer clothes and accessories. With the stiff competition because of the growing number of sites that offer great deals for designer clothing and accessories, you'll be glad to choose any from them. 

      You can easily sign-up for their best deals to find their cheapest but authentic designer products. When you become a member, these sites that will provide frequent giveaways featuring their new merchandise from various designers and this is beneficial on your part especially if you want the latest trend and style.

    • 2

      Check-out clearance sales online for designer clothing and accessories. Most online shops will advertise their latest clearance sales in a short period of time where you can get huge discounts from 75%-85%. You can just even type the words "clearance sales for designer clothing and accessories" if you want to compare prices from different web sites online. 

      With clearance sales, the sizes that will mostly be available are the extra small or large from their remaining stocks or supply and in most cases, returns are no longer accepted. Make sure to read the online store' s terms and conditions and return policy before you buy any product.

    • 3

      Look for the well-known wholesalers and distributors online that provide you with the authentic designer clothes and accessories at deeply discounted prices. There are popular wholesalers and distributors online that have established business relationships with tons of wholesale suppliers. 

      Many of these well-known wholesalers and distributors have exclusive sources for their authentic merchandise that carry new styles. They are the ones who buy these authentic designer clothes and accessories like wallets, purse etc.

    • 4

      Read fashion blogs because some may offer good insights of where you can buy the cheapest but original designer garment and accompanying items. If you don't want to register as a member to any web site then you can also opt to avail the online sample sales. 

      Many young fashionistas love to share sample sale news to their online readers and through this, you can also acquire information of where to buy huge discounted designer items. Designers often create more merchandise than they're able to sell that is why they offer sample sales. Many designers will organize a team to promote their sample sale online on their behalf. 

      When designers host sample sales, they usually want to get rid of the excess merchandise and sell them at deeply discounted prices. If you're interested, you may check for updates from these well-known sites and blogs because through sample sales online, these products will sell quickly.

    • 5

      Check-out promotional offers from online stores that sell designer apparel and accessories. Many online stores will introduce promotional offers from time to time to attract more customers. 

      They will offer any online shopper to buy one authentic designer garment in a discounted price and get an additional one just for free. Another offer that they will give is through voucher codes that give you 20-25 dollars off when you spend one hundred or more and the shipping is free.

    • 6

      Shop through consignment stores online for the lowest price of designer clothing and their accompanying items. Online designer consignment stores have plenty of supplies with slightly-used and new designer products for men, women and children.

    • 7

      Wait for seasonal sales so that you can find and buy the cheapest price for designer clothes and accessories online. Compare prices from various online shops so that you can get the best deal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buy neutral colors so that you can easily match them with different pieces. You can also provide flare to a plain outfit in small details by using simple accessories like a colorful scarf, unique piece of jewelry or trendy purse to enliven and enhance your overall look. Build a wardrobe that will go with what you already own. Try to avoid impulse buying so that you can save more money.

  • Take note of the size you wear by visiting a local designer store. Try on a few pieces of clothing created by your favorite designers so that you will know the right size by the time you want to shop online. Remember that the availability of sizes and the return policy may be limited when it comes to huge discounted items.

  • Remember to add coupon codes and free shipping offers in addition to the discounted price that was offered for your designer clothes and accessories.

  • Beware of online fraudsters and scammers that advertise as retailers or put-up temporary sites to sell fake designer clothes and accessories. Check-out if they have secure shopping badges, valid business seal certificates, physical mailing addresses and working telephone numbers before making any online purchase.

  • Check whether your internet browser has a Web Of Trust (WOT) as an add-on because this can also help you determine whether the online retailer or store has good business relations with its customers. Most trusted and well-known sites usually have the green circle from WOT which indicates the level of trustworthiness, vendor reliability and privacy. Avoid any site which has a red circle from WOT because this may mean that it will only spread spam and fraud online.

  • Search the web thoroughly for reliable product information before you decide to make a purchase from any online site or store.