If you're looking for the cheapest train tickets online, there are bargain tickets especially if you book in advance. Traveling by train can become expensive if you don't know the best places to search out for the cheapest tickets online. Finding cheap tickets is not that difficult because there are websites that give good deals and all you have to do is check their promotional offer section. 

When you travel via train, you can really enjoy the scenery, watch your favorite movie with your DVD player and talk as long as you want using your cellphone without looking at stop lights compared when you're driving a car. Train travelers will usually book directly at a station or through the rail company's own site to avoid booking fees and get the cheapest train tickets.



things you'll need:

  • Time to research
  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Money to buy tickets
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      Travel during off seasons. Summer is usually the most popular time to travel so try to postpone your summer trip. Travel during the fall season or take your spring break early and you're more likely to find the cheapest train tickets online. 

      Along with this comes better deals on lodging, guided tours, and even food. This will also provide you a wonderful and better opportunity to explore the places that you'll visit without having to deal with a lot of tourists.

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      Find a popular passenger train website and check out their cheapest train tickets through their hot or special deals. A popular passenger train company will usually want to beat the prices from other companies so you need to check out for their big discounts, special deals and train passes.

      There are many things to consider when you're looking for cheap tickets online especially if there are kids traveling with you. Check if the train service offers kids half-price for their tickets or if you're traveling with an infant under 2 years of age, then you also need to consider if they will offer them a free ride.

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      Buy train tickets early. The train tickets are generally released by passenger train companies 12 weeks before the date of travel. It will be advantageous on your part if you buy these train tickets online 12 weeks before taking off. Advance tickets are one of the cheapest you can find and they generally sell out so fast especially those for peak seasons like Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

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      Find a passenger train company that offers the best fare-finder facility which will allow you to be flexible to purchase the cheapest train tickets. If you can increase the date range for your train journey then you will also reduce travel costs because you can choose from a range of days to pick your tickets. Remember that all rail networks use peak demand pricing so avoid traveling at the busiest times of the year because it will be more expensive.

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      Compare travel agent websites in the world that offer the best deals and specials. They usually advertise all kinds of travel so you can check out their cheap train tickets online. Generally, these special deals cover multiple parts of a trip, thus you can also get your lodging covered for purchasing those train tickets.

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      Check several passenger train websites and compare how much they can offer in terms of discount coupons, hot deals and promotional codes. Enter the dates and destination of your travel and you'll know the cheapest tickets that will be available for you. Take note of the prices and special offers when you visit these train service websites so that you can compare the cheapest prices that they can offer for your upcoming travel.

Tips & Warnings

  • Become a regular passenger to a specific train service so that you can get big discounts and added perks. Some train companies have their own loyalty programs which will allow you to accumulate points every time you travel. 

    This can be in a form of a reward program where you redeem points for your purchased train tickets and it even offers a few days of complimentary travel insurance. Other rewards can include gift certificates for specific retailers.

  • Check if the passenger train website offers discounts for seniors, veterans and students. You also need to check the days when they offer their best deals.

  • You can split your long trip so that you can save money. When you already have your train route and travel dates then you need to look at splitting your route. You also need to check the price of purchasing two single tickets rather than one ticket for an advance return.

  • Splitting your long trip can save you some cash but it can also give you a problem if the trip will be delayed because you'll miss your connecting train to your destination.