Collecting Hummels can be fun, but it is also nice to find out the actual worth, especially if you have a good collection, or if you have come upon one and want to find out if the collection you have has any value. These are cute innocent looking figurines, that don't take up too much room, and are nice to look at. They do look cute in a collection on a shelf. Could be worse things to collect!

Number 1 Price Guide

The Official M.I. Hummel Price Guide: Figurines & Plates (Hummel Figurines and Plates)
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very up to date guide.


So. whether you are collecting Hummel figures for a hobby, or for investment purposes, then finding out the up to date value,  is important. This way, by finding out the value of them, you can determine whether you should have insurance on your collection.

Many people will inherit a hummel collection and are not sure where to start. Or you have purchased them over the years at Estate sales, and antique fairs, simply because you love their look.

But for many, collecting these is a serious business, so here are some tips on how to find the market value of them and your own collection.




Field Guide for those Garage Sale Days

Warman's Hummel Field Guide: Values and Identification (Warman's Field Guides)
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All authentic hummel statues have a serial number on the bottom. So, if you are looking in a Estate sale, or antique shop, or sometimes even a garage sale, you need to be able to pick it up and look on the bottom for the serial number. If the person selling it will not let you pick it up, then be wary as to whether it is an original figurine.

Keep in mind also, that true authentic ones, are a soft muted color not bright and gaudy. Some people will simply refer to any small figurine as a "hummel". So have a really good look at the item.

Now based on the serial number that is on the bottom, you can do some research.

There are a few FREE online resources that can help you find the value of them, here are a couple to get started with. - This site has lots of valuable information of antiques of all kinds, but if you check it out closer, you will see there is lots of information and history on these figurines and which models are considered the most valuable. - this site also values collectibles, and if you look down the list on the front page, you will see hummel figurines listed. Click on there and see if you can find your own serial number, and the value.

Ebay - You can then also use Ebay as a tool. This is not the best site to find out the  true worth of them, but it can give you an idea of which models are selling and seem to be the most wanted. You can check on the "completed sales" tab to see just what they sold for. This is the best place to look, in the "completed sales" for any research on Ebay, as anyone can ask any dollar amount when trying to sell items, but it is the "completed sales" that let you know just how much an item sold for and how popular it was.

Another way to find the value, is to simple key in the serial number and any other information from the bottom of your Hummel Figurine into the search engine and see what comes up. This is a good way, if you only have a piece of two.

If you are a serious collector, there is a good book called Luckey's Hummel Figurines and Plates: Identification and Price Guide (12th Edition) This can be bought online at sites such as Amazon, and Ebay and will give you the true information and value of Hummels.

This book runs about 25 to 30 dollars, but if you have a collection of Hummels that you have come in to, or are wanted to become a serious collector, then this is a good book to have. It is full of useful information.

Hint: Christmas Hummel Ornaments are Collectible Too!

M.I. Hummel Christmas Ornament - Umbrella Boy
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Once you are armed with this information and the value of Hummels, then you can have fun searching estate sales (this seems to be the best place) antique fairs and malls, and don't exclude garage sales, as not everyone likes to have Hummels and will sell them off. You never know you may just find a gem of one in a garage sale, since many people don't realize their value. You can also purchase them online in Hummel Figurine Stores and find a large selection to choose from.

If you are really enthusiastic about these, then you can find monthly collectible magazines and newsletters about Hummels, that will keep you up to date. If you have a good sized collection of these cute little guys, and would like to know the value of Hummels, then it may be worth hiring a professional appraiser to give you the true value of your Hummel Figurine Collection.

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