Finding the Time For Self Improvment

A self Assessment

Perhaps you have seen the exercises people perform when they are embarking on a journey to lose some weight.  They run around for a couple of days keeping track of all of the items that they eat or drink in order to get a true daily intake assessment.   I have heard so many people claim that they don’t have time to improve their lives because they are too busy running the one they have.  This may be true in a few cases but usually you can make time or find some free time.  Have you ever wondered where all of your free time hiding is?  I think we can apply the calorie exercise to finding out where your free time is.

For the next several days carry a notebook around with you and write down ideas at all times of the day and night. Perform the exercise weight watcher use for finding their true calorie count but document the time you spend not chasing your goals.  During the day record the time that you waste. 

  • Do you ride the bus and just sit when you could be learning a new skill?
  • Are you a participant in a car pool?
  • What do you do at lunch time?
  • Could you be reading or sending out tweets?   
  • Can you listen to recordings on the way to work in your car? 
  • How much television do you watch?  This one may surprise you some.
  • Could you read something while cooking dinner? 
  • Do you have a little trouble sleeping?  Maybe 30 minutes of computer work would help settle you down.

  The bottom line is most of us have some time, if only 30 minutes to an hour at to contribute to the rest of your lives.  An hour a day comes out to 365 hours a year.  Or more than nine 40 hour work weeks a year.  Could you do something with that to help elevate your life style?  Are there times that you won’t get your hour?  You can bet there will be.  However, do you think that perhaps on a Saturday you could find 2 or even 4 hours to invest in the rest of your life?   Perhaps miss a movie with friends?  Your friends may try to tell you that you are wasting your time, but don’t listen to them.  Be strong and get ahead your project, then spend some time with them next time and tell them of some of the great strides you have made.  


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